Senate Weekly Beat: Campus Climate, Funding Requests, and ASCC Constitution


On Monday night, November 14, 2016, the Senate meeting began with updates campus climate. Cole Mora’17 brought forth the PSR Committee update on diversity and inclusion efforts on campus. He discussed seeking grants, perhaps through national organizations dedicated to improving campus diversity, to support more dialogue initiatives. Mora also updated Senate that the proposal for a GE requirement diversity and inclusion (D&I) is still being reviewed by faculty, and that some professors want to integrate aspects of D&I into their courses as soon as next semester. Mora also shared the proposal to have a retreat for those passionate about the D&I efforts on campus. He suggested it could also be incorporated into existing events such as WOA trips, annual APAM retreats, and perhaps through RA talks with their dorms at the beginning of the year.  

Senate then went on to pass the minutes from last week, and continued on with this week’s updates. Connor Bloom’19, Campus Improvements Chair, shared efforts in implementing more dorm water fountains, meeting with the director of Collins about eating outside, contacting Snapchat to create more fitting dorm filters to facilitate events, and finalizing details in providing protein powder shakes and smoothies at Roberts Pavilion.

Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Sam Becker ‘19 commented on the efforts to reduce food waste at Collins, through a “Trash on the Lawn” event, which will show students how much waste is created in the week.

Next, the AAA committee presented two funding proposals. The first was from the Student Athletic Advisory, which requested $75 for spirit gear for their games of the week events. This cost would cover buying T-shirts, gift cards, beads, and pom-poms, all in pursuit of fostering more school spirit. This proposal was passed.

The second funding proposal was from the 5C Claremont Chinese Theatre. They sought $360 to support a Chinese play that will take place on November 19th. Since they exhausted their budget at weekly meetings, they are seeking money to support the extraneous costs covering equipment for the play. This proposal was also passed.

Lastly, Senate discussed ratifying the ASCC Constitution. Much discussion surrounded the clause about how each college should choose its liaison to represent and vote on its behalf at meetings with other 5C colleges. Questions included the level of involved in Exec Board or Senate required, how we would elect the liaison, attempting to keep the positions of the liaison consistent across colleges. Ultimately, Senate decided that it should be someone (excluding the student body presidents) who is well-informed on what’s going on at the college, and someone who has been elected to an existing position. Senate will work on writing a clause on who can and cannot serve as this liaison.

With that, the meeting was adjourned.