Senate Weekly Beat: Brief Meeting and Updates


On Monday night, ASCMC Senate held its shortest meeting with a record time of 26 minutes. Due to the full agendas of the past few sessions, time was designated for the open forum. ASCMC Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 began by approving last week’s minutes and then proceeded to the committee updates. Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Sam Becker ‘19 commented on the efforts to establish a sustainability fund as well as the idea to create a presentation for FYGs and RAs on sustainability and possible efforts to reduce food waste at Collins.

Campus Improvements Chair Connor Bloom ‘19 spoke of efforts to add more clean water machines in North Quad, more Snapchat filters around campus, and a new vending machine in Roberts Pavilion.

Consortium Affairs Chair Ellie Wainstein ’19 spoke about subsidizing 5C students’ tickets for Wedding Party, the efforts to review and compare the resource centers at the 5Cs, and the new Title IX Coordinator at Pitzer College.

The AAA Committee had no funding proposals for this week and the Technical Affairs Committee is working on new graphics for the Athenaeum.

The Curriculum Committee representative talked about the recent meeting with faculty held last week. The committee reviewed CMC’s different sequences and proposed switching the sequence choices. The committee members believe that it might be time for something new, considering the fact that no one has taken the ethics sequence in five years. The rep also mentioned the faculty’s efforts to add more diversity to courses, as well as have departments reexamine the thesis requirements in areas where a large project might be more beneficial.

The open forum focused on the difficulty surrounding communication with the Collins staff, and ended with the decision that a meeting should be set up with the dining hall’s manager. The meeting concluded with a friendly reminder to bring friends to next week’s Senate--there will be donuts!