ASCMC Weekly Beat: No Shave November, Board Restructuring, and Healthy Masculinity


The eighth ASCMC Executive Board meeting began this Sunday, November 6th with ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 welcoming everyone and motioning to approve the minutes from last week’s session. The meeting continued with each member updating the board on what had happened during the week. Vice President of Student Activities Cristina Lee ‘17 began with announcing that only five dorms are registered for Claremont’s Got Talent and that more people are needed from the other dorms and from the apartments.

Dormitory Affairs Chair Daniel Ludman ‘18 talked about the election-themed Hub Quiz on Friday. The somewhat low turnout rate of CMC students was attributed to midterms, and the international election questions were greatly appreciated during the event. He continued with talk of the No Shave November Competition to promote healthy masculinity.

Sophomore Class President Edgar Warnholtz ‘17 recounted the sophomore class dinner at Scripps. The event was fun and free, but they are looking for more sophomores to participate in the next class event. The sophomore class shirts from last year are also going to be ordered again, with payments going to the ASCMC CFO via Venmo this time.

Senior Class President Cole Mora ’17 discussed a number of items. First, the 200 Days party is planned for November 18th, and more updates on the senior graduation speaker will be coming soon. Mora is also meeting with an advisory council to try and set up recurring meetings for the senior service project. He was also contacted by Kris Brackmann ’17 about partnering with SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) for an event before the football game against Pomona-Pitzer this week, which will determine who is ranked second place in SCIAC.

Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 had a successful cabinet meeting in which all five committee  projects were going well. Last week, Senate had a lengthy discussion on the housing proposals and got some very important feedback. The housing situation is now back in the hands of the Residential Life committee. On November 14th, a housing proposal survey will be sent out for students to fill out.

Junior Class President Joey Yamada ’18 is currently planning a class event. She mentioned the large group of juniors that cheered on Women’s Volleyball this week against La Verne, and also gave a warm congratulations to the women’s soccer team for beating Chapman 4-0 and winning SCIACs.

Freshman Class President Bryan Carlen ’20 spoke about his class event, Cookies & Crafts, planned for Sunday night. There is also a pick-up soccer game for the freshman class next weekend and potentially some kind of winter event before the holidays. Additionally, the title of the “Freshie Inform” may be changing soon.  

Diversity and Inclusion chair Patrick Elliott ’19, talked about the “How to be an Ally” dialogue happening Tuesday at the CARE Center. There are also talks of partnerships with both Claremont Women in Business and KLI. Patrick is also in the works of trying to get Malcolm X’s daughter to speak at CMC in February. There will be a dinner soon with President Chodosh and the students who went on the trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. over fall break.

Events Commissioner Amiya Narula ’19 discussed the Personal and Social Responsibility committee’s meeting. PSR may apply for a grant for the dialogue day. Narula also met with women’s basketball coach Kristen Dowling, and there may be a meeting with the male athletic teams to address healthy masculinity.

Presidential Advisors Alejandra Vázquez Baur ‘17 and Elaine Sohng ‘17 talked about partnering with affinity groups to focus on sex positivity. Alejandra has a number of meetings lined up to plan upcoming events, including a conference that she and Edgar Warnholtz will be attending.  Additionally, she is holding a discussion on Monday night about machismo or masculinity in the Latino community. Elaine talked about her strategy meeting with the EmPOWER Center concerning the consent play “The Date” that each of the 5C freshman watch. There is talk of tailoring the play to fit the needs of each school. In the spring, all athletic teams will participate in a sexual assault program to educate every athlete and encourage conversation. Sohng announced the potential upcoming intersectionality dinner and also addressed incorporating 5C event guidelines into funding requests.

President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ’18 recapped the Diversity and Inclusion lunch on Friday. There was an open conversation with faculty and students about incorporating more diversity in classes. President Chodosh was in attendance, and the students were extremely engaging. Diversity and Inclusion Chair Patrick Elliott ‘19 was also at the lunch and presented a timeline of the events from last year and what they are doing now to continue these conversations.  

Finally, President Nicky Blumm ’17 announced that the PSR Committee is going to be expanded and is working on a program to reduce the number of alcoholic shots taken by students, and therefore the number of alcohol-related emergencies. The goal is to present a solution for this pressing issue in place before the holidays. He also mentioned the possibility of having some committees present at the Executive Board meetings.

The event debriefs began with talk on the successful TNC in Claremont Hall this weekend. Despite a few technical difficulties, Pride Party was also well-attended.

The meeting adjourned with Nicky mentioning that the Executive Board is also going to make some managerial adjustments in the near future to ensure that the board’s non-profit status is properly maintained and that every board member receives the appropriate recognition.