Executive Board Beat: Fresh/Soph Face Off, Mid-Quarnival and Kohoutek


The ASCMC Executive Board met Sunday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. to discuss funding for events in addition to a variety of other issues. This week, the issues ranged from emphasizing inclusion and cultural awareness in Halloween costumes to submitting the names of committed parents for the Jill Stark award. Once guests were welcomed, ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 began the sixth Exec Board meeting of the year by motioning to pass last week’s minutes as well as begin weekly updates.

Edgar Warnholtz, Class of 2019 President, introduces the “Frosh Soph Battle” this coming Saturday, October 29th from 3–5pm.  It will be a massive game of Capture the Flag on Parents Field, with upperclassmen refereeing. Blumm commented that the Facebook event is trending, and Warnholtz said the event will be “super competitive.”

Bryan Carlen, the newly elected Class of 2020 President, shared plans for a four-part mental health series. The series is aimed towards freshmen for now, but Carlen has the intention of expanding it to other grades in the future. Carlen has chosen his freshmen class cabinet and is also looking forward to the Frosh Soph Battle.

Cole Mora, Class of 2017 President, announced that he is working on organizing Senior Night this coming Wednesday at Claremont Craft Ales. With the first 100 beers free, Mora expects that everyone will have a good time. Next, Felipe Afanador Beltran ’18, Executive Board Vice President, announced that he will soon share with all students a new Google Calendar including Ath events, parties, TNCs, and any other special activities to keep students in the loop.

Dormitory Affairs Chair Daniel Ludlam ’18 then updated the board on plans for Mid-Quarnival this coming November. He shared logistics of the event (music, board games locations etc.), and explained that funding will go towards renting two food trucks, a bouncy castle, a mechanical shark, and of course, providing a good time for everybody. This motion for $2000 in funding later passes the board.

With updates finalized, the board then moved on to discuss funding requests. In addition to Ludlam’s Mid-Quarnival funding, a Pitzer student also brought forth a proposal for ASCMC to contribute funding to the annual Kohoutek Festival, which will take place from April 21-22 in 2017. He originally requested $3500, which was double the amount that Pitzer is asking of other 5C colleges, since ASCMC did not contribute to this event last year.

Some confusion arose as to why ASCMC did not agree to fund this last year, but it was clarified that due to miscommunication, the proposal for funding likely was buried in other proposals. Thomas Schalke ‘18 also clarified that since it is impossible for ASCMC to “make up” for last year’s funding, as each year’s budget is separate, ASCMC would only provide $1750 to Kohoutek. Some concerns were then raised about the dates clashing with Coachella, as well as why security costs are so high. The Pitzer student explained that this was the only weekend that did not conflict with another event, and that extra security is required since the event will be open to the public. He also announced that the band La Femme will be present in addition to a variety of other pop, rap, surf rock, punk and indie bands. After voting, the board passed this motion to fund Kohoutek $1750.

Finally, Blumm shared that Pitzer’s Associated Students wants to have a retreat with the student board leaders from all 5Cs, though this did not meet with much popular support. The ASCMC board members did not seem thrilled about the “mingling” time on the schedule, nor did they think the discussion times will be effective for two reasons. One, the presidents already know how other schools’ student leadership work, and two, there is not a list of action plans that all schools want to discuss yet. In the end, the board decided that ultimately it would be more effective to have the retreat later in the spring when there will be a clear action plan with activities to discuss.

With that, the meeting was concluded.