Senate Weekly Beat: Board of Trustees Updates and It’s On Us Week

cube-kravis-e1446591264593 9.06.10 AM.png

ASCMC held a particularly busy Senate meeting this Monday evening, running from just after 9:00 p.m. to almost 10:30 p.m. The meeting began with a vote resulting in the passing of the Senate minutes from last week. Then, Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 asked for updates from the various senators. Ryan Chakmak ’19 revealed a new in-progress Google calendar that would be a comprehensive guide to all the events going on at CMC on a given day.

Gemma Sykes ’20 reported that the Harvey Mudd Senate voted to not endorse the 5C Senate Constitution in its last meeting, though Mudd Senators were open to future endorsement upon revision. Melanie Wolfe ’20 reported that the Pomona Senate discussed mental health on campus at length and results of related on-campus surveys. The Scripps Senate voted to prohibit representatives from other schools from sitting in on its meetings.

Sam Becker ’19 of the Environmental Concerns Committee discussed their goals for a pesticide-free campus and the transition to non-toxic cleaning supplies. He reported in-the-works discussions with President Chodosh about creating a Sustainability Fund under his President’s Fund. Ellen Broaddus ’20 discussed sustainability efforts at the Athenaeum, including the recent change to keeping water and desserts in the center of the tables to be taken if desired or left and not wasted. Following their update, the Senate passed a vote to change their committee’s name to the Environmental Affairs Committee.

Lindsay Burton ’19, California and Hawaii’s White House representative for the It’s On Us campaign, shared her desire to start a CMC chapter of It’s On Us. Zippy Wilson ’19 updated the Senate on a new club: CMC Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault.

The next section of Senate was devoted to updates from the Board of Trustees Committees, who had met in various capacities while the Trustees were on campus for the weekend of the Roberts Pavilion dedication. The Advancement Committee reportedly discussed successfully-met fundraising goals and ideas for getting current seniors excited about donating. The Academic Affairs Committee discussed updates from the Silicon Valley program and the student-faculty research relationship. The Campus Improvement Committee reported that the planned art installation in front of Collins Dining Hall is ahead of schedule and will be completed by January 2017. The committee also discussed the need for new art in campus buildings, and reported that 120 on-loan art pieces across campus are being returned soon. The Student Affairs Committee discussed updates from the Dean of Students, Athletics, and Admissions offices.

The final 30 minutes of Monday’s Senate meeting were given to Elaine Sohng ’17, the CMC Presidential Advisor for Sex Positivity on Campus. She discussed the need for a sex-positive campus climate, discussed the intersectionality of sex positivity, highlighted some of the events for the It’s On Us Week of Action (which began Monday, October 10), and then yielded the floor to an open forum about the culture of sex at CMC.

Senate was adjourned just after 10:20 PM as Afanador encouraged everyone to come to the next meeting on October 24, when the topic of discussion will be residential life.