Senate Weekly Beat: Committee Updates and World MUN Funding

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This Monday night, ASCMC Senate held its fourth session of the semester. To begin the meeting, ASCMC Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ‘18 called for a vote on the minutes from Senate’s previous session. The vote passed, and the Senate then heard updates from all committee chairs. Ellie Wainstein ’19, chair of the Consortium Affairs Committee, had members of her committee give updates on other schools, with a few notable highlights: the Pitzer Senate recently had an executive officer resign, and froze funding for its annual Reggae Festival due to concerns about cultural appropriation; the Pomona Event Committee will be hosting DAZE this weekend, featuring a number of student acts in addition to Joey Purp, a rapper from the collective Savemoney (a group that includes Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Donnie Trumpet and others).

Sam Becker ’19, who chairs ASCMC’s Environmental Concerns Committee, gave a brief introduction of the Project Green Challenge, which will kick off later this week. More information on this series of challenges can be found in the email regarding Senate that was sent out by Afanador on Monday afternoon.

Afanador then explained how to apply for funding from the Senate’s general fund, which can be done through ASCMC’s website. The Administrative Affairs and Appropriations Committee, chaired by Matthew Swift ‘18, deals with funding requests sent to Senate and offers an initial estimate of how much money ought to be allocated to a given request. Afanador introduced a funding request submitted by CMC’s World Model United Nations team.

WorldMUN had a funding proposal totaling $1,000, requesting $100 for each delegate (assuming a team of ten). WorldMUN had already received $13,000 from other sources towards their goal funding amount of $16,600.

Naina Mullick ’17, one of CMC’s head delegates on the team, explains that WorldMUN is not a club nor part of CMC’s domestic MUN team, and it consequently does not share the group’s club budgeting. All funding for this trip comes from institutes, college offices, and student government, or, failing all of those resources, out of students’ pockets. CMC’s World Model United Nations Team has won the world championship three times, and in the past there have been problems with some team members having to skip meals as a result of insufficient personal funds.

Once Mullick had answered all questions posed, the Senate had a lengthy discussion, eventually passing a motion to fund WorldMUN $500 now with the stipulation that the amount would be reviewed by Senate again in late October.

ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 then answered questions from those who had them, and Senate was adjourned.