Senate Weekly Beat: Committee Updates, Personal and Social Responsibility Committee, and SLE


On Monday, September 19, Senate began with committee updates. Ellie Wainstein ‘19, representing the Administrative Affairs and Appropriations (AAA) Committee, reported that everyone in her committee has been assigned to a Senate or student representative organization at one of the other four Claremont Colleges. Connor Bloom ’19 stated that the Campus Improvements Committee would meet tonight, and Ryan Chakmak ’19, representing the Technology, Innovation, and Student Affairs Committee, stated that they met last week and were making progress. Sam Becker ’19, representing the Environmental Concerns Committee, reported that they met and were discussing creating a green engagement fund, hiring a director of sustainability, revisiting having a sustainability skit during freshman orientation, continuing the Food Recovery Network, and having a representative sit on the executive board meetings for the purpose of on campus sustainability initiatives. The meeting shifted to an update on Freshman Class Elections. Thomas Schalke ’18 stated that the ASCMC Executive Board’s first meeting with candidates was last night. All freshmen who plan on running for president now have their signature sheets. They must get 50 signatures by Thursday if they wish to run. Then they may start campaigning after 11 p.m. Thursday night.

Next, ASCMC Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ’19 talked about the Personal and Social Responsibility Committee, an initiative that President Chodosh introduced when he became president. The goal of the four committees is for students to take responsibility for their on-campus behavior. The four committees are dedicated to Academic Integrity, High Risk Drinking and Drug Use, Sexual Assault and Title IX, and Campus Climate (Diversity, Identity, and Speech). Tony Sidhom ’17 mentioned that he was on one of the committees last year and that it was very ineffective. ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 responded that this year, the goal is for students on the PSR Committees to have a very direct link to Senate so they can report back and solve problems through the help of other on-campus resources. The applications for those positions will be sent out Tuesday via email.

Over the weekend, one-third of the sophomore class attended the Sophomore Leadership Experience. During the last day of the retreat, students split into groups and pitched ideas for on campus change. KLI will be sending out emails informing students of the proposed ideas and contact information in case students want to get involved with those initiatives.

Finally, during open forum, senators discussed many ideas that were brought up over the weekend at SLE, including increasing the amount of water fountains available on campus, especially in North Quad and South Quad. Senate concluded following the open forum.