Executive Board Weekly Beat: 5C Senate, LA County Fair, and ASCMC Introduction Program


ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 began the second meeting of the ASCMC Executive Board by motioning to pass the previous week’s minutes. Once passed, Blumm asked the board members for their weekly updates. Vice President of Student Activities Cristina Lee ’18 noted that she has met with the 5C Event Committee to talk about possible events for this semester. Campus Organizations Chair Jess Winssinger ’19 updated that she has been doing semester check-ins with clubs, and that her office hours have now been extended to two hours a week to speak about campus organizations and club-related questions. Class of 2017 President Cole Mora ’17 informed the board that he has been in the process of meeting with members of the senior class regarding graduation speakers.

Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 reported that he met up with other 5C presidents to discuss the introduction of a 5C Senate. He mentioned that the 5C Senate is expected to be ratified by the end of September, and up and running by October. Class of 2019 President Edgar Warnholtz ’19 said that he is looking into having an event for transfer students as well as one for the freshman class, once a Class of 2020 president is elected. Presidential Advisor Elaine Sohng ’17 reported that a team is doing more outreach regarding consent culture and education at CMC. Presidential Advisor Alejandra Vázquez Baur ’17 mentioned that she was a main coordinator of the Roberts Pavilion Day of Dialogue; from what she observed, the event was both successful and important in terms of creating a space for students to talk openly. President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ’18 noted that elections will be happening soon and that the Elections Committee of ASCMC will be electing two new members. Finally, Blumm informed the board that he has met with Lindsey Burton ’19, the CMC representative of the “It’s On Us” Campaign. He said that Burton will coordinate with the Executive Board to act as the CMC rep for the campaign, which aims to reduce sexual assault on college campuses.

With updates over, Blumm asked for the weekly event debrief. Events Commissioner Kai Vogel ’19 reported that there was no TNC this past week, but that ASCMC did have free bus rides and tickets going to the LA County Fair, which ran successfully. Events Commissioner Quincy Brown ’19 said that the Saturday Night Event “Trap Fest” went well, with good turnout and music. He said that ASCMC will continue to encourage students to make their way to the official events rather than congregating in North Quad.  

Next up, the board dealt with a funding request from Harvey Mudd. Mudd student Finn Southerland asked for ASCMC funding to cover part of the cost of the paint for Mudd’s upcoming party “Paint,” formerly known as “Mudd Goes Mad.” The funding request was approved in full.

Finally, Lee brought up bringing back the Introduction Program, a program that allows students who are interested in the Executive Board to have the opportunity to learn about it hands-on, with the intention of becoming a board member eventually. The board discussed the topic for the remainder of the meeting. Some board members felt that the program was too much of a pipeline straight into the Executive Board, and they questioned how this would ensure that the participants in the program were committed. Other board members suggested that there be a strike system, where if a participant is clearly disinterested and disconnected from the Introduction Program, then he or she will not be able to continue with the program to become a board member. Other board members felt that the strike system was too vague, and that some clear rules needed to be laid out. Ultimately, Blumm postponed the discussion in the interest of time.

Moving into Open Forum, Dylan Saffer ’17, a CMC student who works with a shirt company to produce some of the popular t-shirts on campus bearing slogans such as “Puck Fomona” and “What’s a Sagehen?”, informed the board that he was unable to sell last year because he is not part of a club. This year, he will be partnering with ASCMC to continue the sale of the shirts.

Finally, Micky Ferguson ’17, the head of the Yearbook Committee, updated the board that the Yearbook Committee officially has 13 members, and that the first meeting will be on Wednesday. Following the yearbook update, the meeting was adjourned.