ASCMC Executive Board Beat: Fall Dialogue, Dorm Cup, and Freshman Class Elections


ASCMC Executive Board held their first meeting of the year this past Sunday from 7–8 pm. The meeting began with brief updates from each of the Executive Board members, followed by discussions on TNC and 6:01 outcomes, the freshman class presidential election, the Day of Dialogue, and plans for the first Senate meeting of the 2016-2017 school year. Chief Financial Officer Issa Abdul Rahman ’18 stated that the transition into the new ASCMC office in Bauer Center was difficult due to the misplacement of some office supplies, but that ASCMC should have everything up and running by next week. Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 touched upon his summer communications with other 5C senate leaders. He also stated his intention to introduce the application Slack in Senate this coming Monday. Presidential Advisor Alejandra Vázquez Bauer ’17 briefly spoke about her work with the CMC class presidents and Vince Greer, the newly appointed Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion, concerning the Fall Dialogue over the next few months. The Dialogue seeks to initiate more inclusive conversations about current social issues and promote a more accepting environment for all students.

President Nicky Blumm ’17 and Presidential Advisor Tyler Finn ’17 attended a student leaders conference this past summer, but reported that the conference overall did not cater to the needs and culture of liberal arts colleges. Over the summer, Blumm also communicated with other 5C presidents to consider strategies for utilizing the consortium structure of the Colleges more effectively.

Financial Controller Chloe Cho ’19 finished March and April finance consolidations and plans to transfer funds from the Venmo accounts. Diversity and Inclusion Chair Patrick Elliott ’19 introduced the idea of developing a language exchange program and plans to work with Vince Greer to improve discourse about social identity. He also mentioned working with Campus Organizations Chair Jess Winssinger ’19 to create a first generation club. Also, Executive Secretary Sami Malas ’19 reported a completed update of the ASCMC website.

Next, Events Commissioner Dean Sagafi ’18 reported that Hometown Throwdown TNC was a very successful, based on student feedback. Vice President of Student Affairs Cristina Lee ’18 gave a positive debrief for 6:01, mentioning that both students and faculty thought the event went well overall. There were some issues with Scripps students attempting to enter the party and various small disruptions, but the overall concentration of students stayed at the actual event.

In addition, Dormitory Affairs Chair Daniel Ludlam ’18 introduced a new event: Dorm Cup. It will start this Friday with the Hub Quiz, and various events will continue until spring break. The objective is to promote dorm camaraderie through fun competition, with a prize going to the most successful dorm at the end.

Next, Thomas Schalke ’18, President Pro Tempore, went over details for Freshman Class President elections. Any candidates will have to acquire fifty signatures from their fellow classmates to campaign for the presidency. The candidates speeches will take place at snack on September 26, and the voting email will be sent out that night.

PA Alejandra Vázquez Bauer ’17 spoke about her plans for the Day of Dialogue this Friday. She is also organizing class-specific debriefs to discuss what each class has learned, particularly in light of last year’s campus climate. Every class president has planned to hold their individual sessions to create a more open conversation on diversity and inclusion. There may be a scheduling conflict between the Hub Quiz and these discussions, but that will be discussed another time.

Finally, Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 noted that there will be a Senate Soiree at 8:30 p.m. before the normally scheduled meeting at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. All Senate Cabinet members will be present, and ASCMC executive board members will also be in attendance.