Pirate Party, Campus Policies, and Funding Proposals: ASCMC Weekly Beat

ASCMC Executive Board met last night, April 10, in the gloomy rain. To kickstart the meeting, President Pro-Tempore Michael Irvine ‘16 officially swore in all new members of ASCMC, including the new ASCMC President, Nicky Blumm ‘17. Following the brief ceremony, the Board shared updates on the past week, tended to relevant campus policies and approved three funding proposals. A rundown of the meeting goes as follows: Updates:

Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ‘18 informed the Board that Thomas Schalke ‘17 was elected President Pro-Tempore at Senate last week. Schalke will be replacing Michael Irvine after graduation and is in the midst of training, soon to be officially inducted into the Executive Board. After suggesting tarot card reading as a group bonding event, Presidential Advisor Elaine Sohng ‘17 asked the board for ideas and suggestions on how to make Career Services a more accessible and student-friendly environment. Event Commissioner Dean Sagafi ‘18 suggested two options for speaker systems at events: either two very large free-standing speakers that would be hard to transport or multiple smaller speakers that would be easier to carry. Fellow Event Commissioner Quincy Brown ‘19 then suggested that ASCMC fund smaller speakers for the sake of music and surround sound. The Board chose to consider the speaker issue at a later date.

Next, Event Commissioner Amiya Narula ‘19 discussed a meeting with Devon MacIver, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities, regarding Pirate Party. She informed informed the Board that Pirate Party is now a 5C event again. Next, she addressed the hordes of high school students on campus this weekend for McKennaMUN and Inside CMC days, suggesting that CMC provide an information session or activity about CMC for them to attend in order to take full advantage of ASCMC's plentitude. Schalke reminded the Board that such an opportunity once existed, but was canceled due to lack of participation.

Class of 2017 President Cole Mora ‘17 informed the Board that he is brainstorming service projects for the senior class in order to bond its community. Presidential Advisor Alejandra Vázquez Baur ‘17 reviewed the first Diversity and Inclusion information session that was held for prospective students. She reported that the event made sure to give students the information of last semester’s events as well as be more transparent about minority representation.

Campus Policies:

The first campus policy addressed was the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy. Board members were asked to sign – and sign they did. The first section of the policy stated that sometimes there are situations where people have conflicts of interest. In such cases, those people should recuse themselves from voting on the matter so that ASCMC can remain unbiased. The second section addressed confidentiality, confirming that there are matters discussed behind closed doors that should not be publicized.

Next, the Board discussed the exit surveys that ASCMC will be handing out after room draw. The surveys will be asking for feedback on this process, since it may be discussed and amended later on. The board also discussed accountants for 5C clubs. Apparently, Pomona has outsourced two accountants to handle 5C club matters, so the Board asked whether we want to outsource ASCMC for accountants as well.

The third policy addressed was Roberts Pavilion building attendant access. The Board agreed that it seemed unfair for building attendants to have access to the Hub gym and not Roberts Pavilion.

The final policy discussed was the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) policy request from ASCMC and the RAs. There will be five-hour sessions held at the Athenaeum of open forums. Five groups of 30 students will be asked to come and answer questions in a small setting facilitated by five ASCMC members. This forum calls for engaging prompts from the RAs to initiate dialogue among the students. The overall goal of the AOD session would be to use random samplings of students to get a wide variety of student perspectives.

Funding Proposals:

Here’s where things get interesting. A representative from Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC), Alejandro Mendoza ‘16, visited the ASCMC Executive Board to request that ASCMC help fund HMC so that they can truck in seawater for their party, Slippery When Wet. The party, created in 2003, was traditionally Mudd’s big end-of-the-year event where they built decks around the quad and used water from the laundry rooms to create a waterfall that pumped from the central body of water and poured back down into the main pool. This party, which used on-campus water, was canceled due to drought concerns. This year, however, Mudd wants to bring the party back by using imported seawater. In order to give the Board a better idea, Mendoza presented the members with a framed picture of what the party originally looked like. Members of the Board questioned the safety of this party, since a high number of people would be congregated around a large pool of water. Mendoza responded that there will be security keeping people away from the edges. An Executive Board member then reminded the board of how Mudd had pulled their funding of Pirate Party last year because of drought concerns, and questioned why the board should give money to Mudd's water-related event. Mendoza acknowledged this and reminded the board that the water would be from the sea. The board took their vote and the motion was passed. ASCMC will be funding HMC $400 to help cover the cost of trucking in seawater. The party will take place May 7 and party goods include flip-flops and glasses.

The second funding request came from Carol Lam ‘16. She is working with three Pomona students to bring Rupi Kaur, author of Milk and Honey, to campus. Kaur is well known for addressing feminist issues about healing, trauma and survival, and would bring these topics to life within the 5C community. Lam noted that Kaur is charging $4,500 for a performance, including a reading from Milk and Honey and other pieces as well as a book-signing event. Aside from Pitzer, all other 5Cs have agreed to fund the event, but she asks for a co-sponsorship from CMC DOS and the ASCMC D&I Board for $1,000. Scripps has funded the most because they want to host the event in their Garrison Theater. However, Lam persisted that CMC should host the event in Pickford Auditorium because it would be a good thing for CMC to have. It was suggested that Pickford Auditorium might not be able to accommodate the considerable amount of people likely to attend, and Garrison Theater should be used instead. In response, a member of the Board worried that if Scripps hosted the event, they might give their students priority attendance, thus limiting available spots for CMC students. Eventually, the motion was passed. ASCMC will help fund Rupi Kaur’s presentation. The location will be discussed later.

The meeting concluded on the topic of funding for Pirate Party tank tops. The question was whether or not to print both the front and the back of the tank tops because having both sides is more expensive. One proposal was to scrap the back and save ASCMC funds because Pirate Party is already putting ASCMC in an alcohol deficit. Two proposals withstand: Sagafi's proposal to print 235 shirts (front and back) and the original proposal, which is to sell 200 shirts (front and back, both at a price of $15. The motion was passed to fund the purchase of 235 shirts, printed both front and back, and sell them for $15 each.