Meet Your 2016-2017 ASCMC Executive Board!

Nicky Blumm ‘17 President NickyBlumm

Nicky Blumm is a Philosophy and Government major from a rural town in Central Oregon called Sisters. Perhaps because of this, he loves to be in nature: hiking, biking, playing Spikeball, whatever works, as long as it is in the sun. When the sun isn’t shining, he enjoys moonlit walks on the beach with his cat. A passionate baseball and football (soccer) fan, he enjoys acting like he will wake up at 4:30am to watch games in real time and instead watching the highlights at a reasonable hour. Nicky is thrilled to serve as your ASCMC President. He seeks to rebuild your confidence in ASCMC by being transparent and accountable. His ambition is to encourage the dynamic leaders on our campus to be not only successful and productive, but also ethical. Nicky hopes to hear from you via email or text with anything you want to chat about.

Cristina Lee ’18 Vice President of Student Activities


Cristina Lee is a sophomore ethnically from Korea but born and raised in Chile who is dual majoring in PPE and Economics. On campus, she works for In-Lend Fund and dances for Reverb. In her free time, she likes to paint, dance, listen to music, and eat good food. This term Cristina will be planning diverse events to attract different crowds. She is already thinking about Pirate Party and social events for the Fall, and wants to create a fun CMC experience for all. Be in the look out for her Party Informs this coming year!

Felipe Afanador ‘18 Executive VP


Felipe Afanador is a sophomore who grew up in the SF Bay Area. Born to parents of Colombian descent, he is fluent in both English and Spanish. A dedicated Shakira fan, Felipe not only enjoys listening to Shakira's catchy tunes (Hips Don't Lie is a favorite), but word on the street is that he has even created his own dance routine to Whenever, Wherever. A proud government nerd (or political junkie- what do you think?) Felipe also enjoys polling for fun. While you may think there are no clever nicknames for him, think again. Whether it be ‘Feleaps,’ ’Leepers,’ ‘Leeps,’ or 'Peeps' there's a wide range of options to choose from. As Exec. VP, 'Leepers' aims to strengthen and streamline student involvement in decision-making processes and ensure that there’s an easy way to stay updated on ASCMC’s happenings. He will work tirelessly to reinvigorate Senate and make productive use of everyone’s time by setting up agendas that deal with relevant student issues where there can be updates on the follow-through of projects being undertaken by both Senate and the Board. His principle goal is to hold responsible parties accountable for their projects and to guarantee that ideas are executed appropriately. So, if you want to be a part of the conversations, come to Senate and join Felipe as he helps ASCMC leap to new heights.

Daniel Ludlam ‘18 Dormitory Affairs Chair

12899416_10204935324257374_899483762_o Daniel is a beautiful, unique snowflake from Orange County, California. When he’s not playing four-hour games of Age of Empires, bashing Donald Trump, belting out One Direction at the top of his lungs, or changing his major for the 31st time… actually never mind, that’s about all Daniel does. He wants to pull an Obama and bring change we can believe in to CMC parties, dorm culture, and more. Daniel prides himself on being a self-made half-thousandaire probably due to his ability to quote The Devil Wears Prada better than you. That’s all.

Issa Abdul Rahman '18 Chief Financial Officer


Issa Abdul Rahman is an Economics-Engineering sophomore from a little oasis in the desert called Dubai. When he’s not studying/working/sleeping, he can be found playing Rocket League, watching Suits, or silently sobbing about Manchester United’s fall from grace. In the next year, Issa plans to ensure that all reimbursements and budgeting procedures run smoothly for 5C clubs. To the best of his ability, he will work with the Executive Board to make sure that ASCMC’s money is spent efficiently and appropriately. Reach out at if you have any questions or suggestions; any input is welcome.

Jessica Winssinger ‘19 Campus Organizations Chair


Jess is a freshman from Scottsdale, Arizona, majoring in Economics and Computer Science. Along with her role as Campus Organizations Chair, she leads Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC) tours with the Admissions Office, works as a campus manager for EnvoyNow, and sits on various committees for the PSR Initiative. Recognizing the importance of co-curricular programming to a well-rounded education, she looks forward to promoting student initiatives and leadership during her term as an accessible resource to her peers. Jess aims to increase collaborative and innovative growth through organizational partnerships using synergistic solutions, forward-thinking stratagem, and cutting-edge technologies. You can find her in the Student Activities office in DOS on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 p.m. with Kari, and she keeps her Fridays free. Get excited for a year filled with campus org fun!

Sami Malas ‘19 Executive Secretary


Sami Malas is an Economics-Engineering major who is ethnically Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese but was born in Washington DC. He spent a majority of his life overseas in Cairo, New Delhi and Dubai. In his free time he enjoys watching TV, playing games, relaxing with friends, working out and baking. On campus he is an active member of  the Amnesty International group, he served as class VP and is fortunate enough to be baking for the Motley every Tuesday (make sure to hit it up -- shameless plug). As Executive Secretary he hopes to facilitate collaboration within Exec Board and increase ASCMC’s transparency.

Kathryn Chakmak ‘16 Class of 2016 President


Having found new residence in Ryal Residential Lab this year, Kathryn is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past year she has spent her time as class president counting down the days until graduation, perfecting her email read-through stats, and finding out she has a new talent for party planning. In the remaining weeks of the semester she hopes to bring the class together in their final days on campus and, after graduation, continue to keep everyone in touch.

Cole Mora ‘17 Class of 2017 President


Cole is a junior from Seattle, Washington, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Along with serving the Class of 2017, he works as a head consultant at the Center for Writing and Public Discourse and as an external coordinator with KLI. He also plays on the CMS Men’s Soccer team. Cole is incredibly excited at the opportunity to connect and engage the senior class with events, projects, and ideas that celebrate our time together at CMC. Also, having worked closely with the PSR Initiative and other avenues for action, he looks to empower the senior class, drawing from their years of experience as we drive change and set the campus climate for years to come. Cole is always happy to talk, and you can find him at Senate, snack, or hanging around Appleby. If you ever need anything, his door is always open!

Joey Yamada ‘18 Class of 2018 President


Joey is from the far away, exotic country of Japan and she will never let you forget that she’s not from America. (America has an Oompa Loompa running for president…Just saying.) When she’s not telling people how great Tokyo is, you can find her playing the gentle sport of rugby on Parent’s Field, or having a meal with her rugby team, or hanging out with her rugby team, or at the Motley…with her rugby team. She currently uniquely pursues a dual Economics and Psychology major. As Junior Class President, she hopes to keep the Class of 2018 united, even when everyone is in different corners of the world. Although the Class of 2018 will be separated, she dreams of keeping everyone in the loop of what’s happening on campus and also throwing events that will foster an even more cohesive community for those who will continue to enjoy the SoCal weather. That being said, she is also excited to improve ASCMC and student body trust, as well as doing all she can to help marginalized voices be heard. Finally, you can bet that she’ll throw an unforgettable Monte Carlo.

Edgar Warnholtz ‘19 Class of 2019 President


There once was a kid from Mexico who wanted to go to a college like the one in Zoey 101. Fast forward many years, and suddenly everything seemed deja-vu'ish. Edgar grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, and lived there for 18 years, gradually becoming more involved in community service and extracurricular groups, just like most of the talented cmcers he has the privilege of living with today. Edgar is most proud of organizing Miles for Smiles, a fundraiser race that he presided over in senior year, and of building houses for people in extreme poverty with "Un Techo para mi Pais". These opportunities made him fall in love with facing Mexico's problems, which he plans on doing all his life. Edgar holds a special sense of affection for the places and communities that have made him who he is today, and now, that place is and will be CMC. This kid looks forward to serving the Class of 2019 as a friend to have fun with and a brother to support and lean on, because he knows that he's far from being a perfect leader, especially one for the outstanding class of 2019. Please go talk to him with life thoughts, criticism, and old jokes anytime, Green 201 is the room and +528113000124 is the #.

Patrick Elliott ‘19 Diversity & Inclusion Chair


Patrick Elliott is from Chicago, and is now dual majoring in Government & Econ, with an Ethics sequence. He also works as a staff writer for the CMC Forum, and he’s a member of the mock trial team. Patrick has a huge passion for the legal system, and sees himself going to law school after he graduates. Patrick enjoys playing pool (poorly), beating his friends at Mario Kart: Double Dash, and staring at his extensive shoe collection. In high school he spent most of his time promoting social activism through his passion for journalism and public speaking. His work led to him being honored by Princeton University’s Race Relations Department. For this new term, he plans on building on the foundation he laid during his 6 week one. He is working with the Athenaeum to bring in more speakers to discuss various social identities, similar to the D&I hosted Ath lunch with Naomi Tutu. He will also be working to revamp the First Year Guide training, so that includes diversity and inclusion workshops. Serving as Diversity & Inclusion Board has led to Patrick serving on the PSR Steering Committee. He will use his seat on that committee as a way to voice the opinions and concerns of the student body. Patrick is very excited for the year to come, and is always available to answer questions, or to address any concerns.

Tyler Finn ‘17 Presidential Advisor


Tyler is a junior PPE major from Atherton, CA who spent last fall on the Washington Program. Over the next year, Tyler aims to provide institutional insight to Exec Board and advice to Nicky as he executes on his vision for ASCMC. He plans to take on projects including improving communication with the student body and researching for internal reform plans. An adventurer at heart, Tyler loves exploring the local mountains and beaches (especially Green Beach) wearing all lululemon, which he swears are the most comfortable clothes ever. On campus, Tyler can usually be found bickering about state and local government at the Rose Institute #govnerd or convincing prospective CMCers to apply for the Office of Admission, often wearing a suit and a big smile :) He's also at Collins breakfast nearly every morning if you want to chat about anything from presidential politics to CMC parties!

Elaine Sohng ‘17 Presidential Advisor


Elaine is a rising senior from Honolulu, HI studying Philosophy and Religious Studies. Yes, this does make her one of two declared Religious Studies majors in the Class of 2017 (s/o to Bella Speciale). Like EVERY ASCMCer before her, she hopes to use her past on-campus leadership experiences to increase transparency and accountability. When she isn't busy color-coding her Google Calendar, Elaine can be found walking Russell the Corgi or planning new adventures abroad.

Alejandra Vazquez Baur ‘17 Presidential Advisor


Alejandra Vazquez Baur, often called Ale (ah-lay) is a Junior at CMC majoring in International Relations and Mathematics.  Hailing from Santa Fe, NM from a biracial Mexican family, Ale is the co-founder of CMC's new Latinx club, ¡Mi Gente! which is getting its kick-start this semester -- hit her up if you like to sing Selena songs in your car or can't get enough Mexican street food in your diet.  On campus, she is also involved in the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company, M.E.R.G.E. (Multi-Ethnic Racial Group Experience), CMCers of Color, a dance teacher for EDN! Claremont, a tour guide for the Admission Office, and Photo Editor of The CMC Forum.  Alejandra just returned from her fall semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and plans to spend her future summers and post-grad working in Latin America.  As one of Nicky's Presidential Advisors, Ale hopes to make ASCMC more accessible to marginalized and silenced students and serve as a liaison between those students and the Exec Board.  She is easy to reach by text, call, FB, Whatsapp, etc etc etc.

Dean Sagafi '18 Event Commissioner


Dean is an enthusiastic sophomore transfer who couldn't get enough party planning the first time around, so he's back on the Events Crew for another cycle of ASCMC. An Economics major and native of Seattle (read: Bellevue), Washington, Dean can't wait to start putting together events for the coming year. He's boldly stated that he can, and will, host a TNC where tens, maybe even multiple dozens, of people will show up for more than just the pizza. Feel free to say hi if you ever see him walking around campus as, though his name confuses some, he is not employed by DoS and is indeed one of your peers.

Quincy Brown ‘19 Event Commissioner


Quincy Brown is a Freshman from the rainy city of Portland, Oregon. He is planning on studying Environmental Analysis and Religious Studies. Quincy is one of your new Event Commissioners and is excited to help plan some fun events for the next year, Hoping to bring back TNC and TNR back to its glory days with awesome new themes.  You can catch Quincy acting in the campus drama club, Under the Lights, shooting film photography, or making dj sets. Next year he hopes to get more students involved in the planning process for ASCMC events and bringing local and national artist to CMC.

Amiya Narula '19 Event Commissioner


Amiya is a freshman from New Delhi, India. At 16, she moved away to attend boarding school in Costa Rica and spent her last two years of high school (un?)successfully attempting to learn Spanish and Salsa. At CMC, she is hoping to major in International Relations and Spanish. She is involved with Model UN and goes to the Ath whenever she can. In her spare time, Amiya can be found at the Hub, the Motley or anyplace that serves coffee. As Event Commissioner, Amiya wishes to continue promoting the positive and extremely welcoming social atmosphere that exists at CMC. She is excited to be a part of the super fun events crew to make sure there's always great events lined up for everyone.

Kai Vogel ‘19 Event Commissioner

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Kai Vogel is a first year from Berkeley, CA. Kai is currently undecided (and will be undecided for the rest of his life) but is considering majoring in Econ accounting and/or IR. When Kai isn't working in the reading room, you will typically find him at the Motley or any patch of grass big enough to lie down. Kai also works with College Programming Board and impACT, but is extremely excited to be an Event Commissioner for ASCMC this upcoming year.

Chloe Cho '19 Financial Controller


Chloe is a freshman from Seoul, Korea, a city that has free high-speed Wi-Fi in almost all public places (Yes, this means Wi-Fi in moving subways and buses!). She is currently an Economics & Accounting major, but she knows this will change. As a controller, she controls and audits for ASCMC matters with regard to the finances of the corporation. She works closely with the CFO and college administration, specifically the College Treasurer and Dean of Students. Her main duty is to execute monthly reconciliations, maintain the Quickbooks account for ASCMC, and handle revenue side activities. Please reach out to Chloe if you have any questions about budgeting, reimbursing, and billing!

Christine (Steen) Horne ‘17 RA Liaison


Christine Horne is a Science and Management major hailing from Woodinville, Washington. Returning for her third time on the ASCMC Executive Board, Steen has already served as the Executive Secretary and Vice-President of Social Affairs. Her institutional knowledge is unparalleled as she takes up her post as RA Liaison. Steen loves to be outside, play with puppies, and hopes to be spend senior year lounging outside her dorm room, in the magical land of Green Beach (wait just kidding, thesis). Steen is excited to work with the rest of the new Executive Board to help make ASCMC a useful and student-friendly group that will serve the CMC populace.