ASCMC Senate Beat: March 7, 2016

On Monday, March 7, ASCMC Senate began with the CMC Engineering Team’s proposal for funding a card swiping machine prototype that would simplify Senate sign-in. Russell Salazar and Devang Patel spoke about the potential benefits of this ID scanner, which enters senators’ ID numbers into an Excel spreadsheet as they swipe their card. This prototype will be tested during the first Senate session after spring break. The CMC Engineering Team requested $50 in funding to acquire three prototypes for the test run. This motion was unanimously passed while garnering excited responses from the senators. The chair of the Consortium Affairs Committee, Felipe Afanador, updated Senate that this idea was pitched to the Events Committee as well and was met with positive enthusiasm. More information about the possible applications of the swiping technology at 5C parties and event registration by the 5C Events Committee will be made available in the future. He also updated Senate about administrators' idea of hosting a "Day of Dialogue," on which all classes would be cancelled and students would discuss issues ranging from gender identity to race and other campus concerns. This proposal, however, seemed to be a far-fetched goal, as the presidents of the other four colleges were hesitant to cancel classes.

ASCMC’s funding committee, Administrative Affairs and Appropriations (AAA), presented several funding requests, starting out with a request to retroactively fund $90 for an Alternatives Anonymous 5C event, in collaboration with Spoon University, which was held on February 26. The motion to fund this request in full was passed by the Senate.

The second funding request was for the 5C Surf Club, which asked for $1,008.61 from the CMC Senate to fund bi-monthly surf trips. The Senate scrutinized their presented budget and voted to fund half their requested amount, $500. This motion was passed unanimously. However, the Senators specified that the Surf Club will have to attend the Spring Club re-budgeting, look into using Dean of Students Office vans to reduce transportation costs, and better advertise this club to new students.

The third funding request was for a senior to go to the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Baltimore. The AAA committee advised Senate to fund the request of $150 in full. The Senate voted to fully fund this request, with a stipulation that the senior must present a written account talking about knowledge gained from attending the conference.

The fourth funding request was made by the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges, who sent several students to a Democratic political conference. Senate similarly voted to fully fund this request, with a stipulation that if ASCMC found that it is illegal to fund registration fees for a political conference, the Senate would revoke that part of the allocated funding.

This Senate session concluded with a presentation on the 2016 CMC Climate Summit by ASCMC President Will Su '16 and Sam Becker '19. They advocated this event as a platform through which to engage students and present them with opportunities to discuss critical climate issues in depth with experts from both the private and public sector. ASCMC President Pro-Tempore Michael Irvine '16 recommended that any further talks about possible funding from Senate should be postponed to the next Senate session due to lack of substantive debate on the issue.