ASCMC Elections: 2016 Candidate Statements

Editor's Note: On Tuesday, March 1, ASCMC will hold its annual elections. At Spring Break, the term for the current Executive Board will end, and a new team of students will take over ASCMC. Who those students are is up to you.

In addition to the statements below, the candidates will also give speeches at Collins Snack on Monday night, February 29.

Positions are ordered by positional hierarchy, and within each position, candidates are ordered alphabetically by last name. The Forum did not revise or edit these statements in any way. They are reprinted exactly as the candidates submitted them to ASCMC. Candidates provided their own photographs. 


Nicky Blumm

Nicky Blumm '17


My name is Nicky Blumm and I hope to be your next ASCMC President. I am excited to have a chance to bring empathy, integrity, and action to ASCMC.

In the 920 days since I came to Claremont, I have gotten to know many of you. I have worked for CMC in many capacities: as a sponsor, first-year guide, Title IX fellow, dormitory affairs chair, and dorm president. From cleaning up after parties and lobbying DOS, to watching Game of Thrones and hanging out at the Hub, I have a pulse on our campus.

I believe that ASCMC has the potential to have a major impact at our school. Yes, it plans social events, and yes, it sends out scripted emails, but it has the power to do more. ASCMC has the power to create lasting social change.


CMCers care about each other. I want to cultivate a culture of empathy on ASCMC. Extending the reach of the EmPOWER Center, the new sexual assault resource center, and inclusivity training are two ways I will motivate compassion in ASCMC.


My presidency will center on communicating with you. Although I have been on Executive Board for a year, I often feel in the dark—I wonder if you have felt the same? To combat this sentiment, I will maintain a constant flow of information (through email and a new, well-maintained, ASCMC Facebook page), so you know what is really going on at our college.


I will be accountable to you. I will appear regularly at Senate for “question time”– a genuine time for you to voice your concerns about CMC. I want the student body—not just the student government—to be aware, alert, and active in every discussion.

Thank you!

Please vote Nicky Blumm for ASCMC President.


Tyler Finn

Tyler Finn '17

My name is Tyler Finn and I am running for Student Body President because I have a vision for how ASCMC can better serve our community. Many of you are frustrated with ASCMC. I often find myself frustrated with ASCMC. I also know how busy each of you are and how deeply you care about our community, even if you can’t attend every single ASCMC meeting, or serve on every committee.

My aim is to restore the connection that has been lost between ASCMC and you. ASCMC is supposed to serve CMCers, but without openness and communication, your student government will fail to understand and implement your priorities. This is where we must begin.

Below, I outline a four point plan with concrete ideas for reconnecting ASCMC with you and for re-engaging our community.

  1. Increase Openness and Transparency between ASCMC and the Student Body
    1. Exec Board meetings in different dorm lounges every week
    2. Run with the President: join me on weekly jogs around Claremont
    3. Weekly Updates: think theSkimm for ASCMC with infographics!
    4. Tea with Ty: Come to Ath Tea and chat with me
  2. Turning Your Priorities into ASCMC’s Actions
    1. Gathering and implementing student feedback on events
    2. Posting ASCMC’s promises on the Collins TVs, so you can hold me accountable
  3. Making Your Student Fees Count
    1. Engaging Exec Board in initiatives beyond events
    2. Reinvigorating Thursdays
  4. Maximizing CMC’s Resources for Students
    1. Forging partnerships with faculty and administrators to expand programming and opportunities available to you
    2. Working with DoS to ensure students’ priorities are reflected in campus policy
    3. Connecting students with underutilized opportunities at the 5Cs and in our broader community

I am under no illusion that rebuilding trust between you and ASCMC will be easy. I am prepared for and excited by the challenge, and want above all else to serve you.


Executive Vice President

Felipe Afanador

Felipe Afanador '17

My name is Felipe Afanador and I’m running for ASCMC Executive Vice President (EVP) because I believe there’s value in everyone’s voice at CMC, yet too often these voices are drowned out and too often students are left out of important conversations. Students at CMC have a variety of interests, hobbies, beliefs, etc., yet there’s this sort of relentless drive within every CMCer - a certain drive that encourages us to make a difference and to think of something that’s bigger than ourselves. We don’t settle for mediocrity, rather we brainstorm and come up with innovative solutions to solve the issues that affect us. Nonetheless, there’s little use for our ideas, if there’s no follow through from the people we select to represent us.

I’m running for this position as I will see that there is follow through within ASCMC and I will ensure that there is effective communication between the Executive Board, Senate, and the Student Body. I’m more than ready to put in the necessary work to guarantee that the ideas that are brought forth receive the necessary attention. While there has been some progress made on how we can make ASCMC an effective platform for student-initiated change, I’d like to fill in the missing links between student ideas and adequate implementation of these ideas.

I will cut through the bureaucratic jungle where ideas often go in, but never seem to be put into effect. I will work to promote that individual’s opinions are heard, and that they actually go somewhere. I will implement methods by which every student can remain updated on the inner-workings of ASCMC and be a part of the conversation. I will relentlessly advocate for students as I care about the wellbeing of this student body and only want to see us move forward.


Thomas Schalke

Thomas Schalke '18

Why I’m running:

Because I love CMC.

Nowhere have I felt this accepted, supported, academically invigorated, and grown so much.  Coming to CMC has honestly been one of the best choices of my life, and every day I am humbled by my awe-inspiring classmates. To me, CMC represents the best of the liberal arts. We are a college of go-getters, and it shows. Both inside and out of the classroom CMCers bring a down to earth pragmatism that belies our awesome potential.

What I hope to achieve:

While my experience at CMC has been excellent, I recognise that this is not the case for every student. It is the unequivocal responsibility of the college and ASCMC to support all students and guarantee that we have access to the resources that we need in order to prosper.  To move forward and productively address these issues, I believe that ASCMC needs committed, proven leadership that can represent the student body and ensure our needs are being met. If elected to serve as your Executive Vice President, I will continue to work with the administration to affect change. This past year I served as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Campus Improvements, during which time I was able to achieve the following:

  • Have Berger, Benson and Claremont Hall reclassified as Gender Inclusive
  • Have all single-stall restrooms on campus reclassified as Gender Inclusive
  • Accelerate the installation of blue lights in Mid-Quad

In working to implement the above reforms, I have built up relationships with administrators throughout the college, and I have the support and trust needed to realise the necessary reforms.

A vote for me is a vote for an effective, well-run ASCMC that listens to the student body and demonstrates results.


Vice President of Student Activities

Marcus Agard

No statement submitted.


Cristina Lee

Cristina Lee '18

My name is Cristina Lee, and I am running for Vice President of Student Activities! I am sophomore from Chile and this year I served as an Event Commissioner for ASCMC.

During my term as an Event Commissioner, I learned a lot about the institution itself and the student body. I started out by helping to organize FROST, and this Saturday I will conclude my term by co-hosting Wedding Party. I have grown through the experience, and I have learned what it takes to make an event successful. I have seen every step of what organizing an event entails, and I am confident that I will succeed as the Vice President of Student Activities.

Beyond events, I have led the charge to design clothes as part of an apparel project for ASCMC in order to increase profits for the organization. I hope to be able to extend this project to include more than just hoodies (think sweatpants, sleepwear, glasses, and more). All of these items are better looking, and certainly more affordable than whatever the Huntley has.

As your Vice President of Student Activities, I want to diversify the types of events ASCMC offers. One of my favorite events this term was Circus TNC in Kravis. It may not have been a stereotypical TNC, but we had a good time. I will always be open to listening to new event suggestions, especially those that cater to a greater number of students. To this effect, I want to increase coordination with the other 4Cs so that we can better mix our communities and social scenes.

Please help me become your next Vice President of Student Activities and create a social scene that CMC wants.

Vote Cristina!


Dormitory Affairs Chair

Daniel Ludlam

Daniel Ludlam '18

Stags and Athenas -

I'm just a boy, standing in front of my friends, asking you to vote for me, Daniel Ludlam, for Dorm Affairs Chair. I'm running on a platform of creating both healthy competition and cooperation to make the CMC experience unforgettable.

If elected, I'll be working with each of the dorm presidents to create cooperative parties with plenty of advance planning and plenty of input from students. Ideas off the top of my head include a giant Mid and/or South quad pregame for pirate party, North Quad events, campus-wide mini-games, and much more.

While intramural sports are at CMC, I plan on expanding into non-athletic competition as well. Settlers of Catan tournaments, Super Smash Brothers competitions, and other competitions are in the cards if I'm elected president. Such competitions can also be used for social good. For instance, getting students Teal Dot certified or trained as allies through a dorm cup-style competition and raising awareness for these programs is key. I'm also planning on holding competitions revolving around the school year (prizes for best holiday decorations, best finals snack, etc.) and community engagement.

I’ve loved being a part of the CMC campus since I got on the bus to WOA, and seek to bring a balanced perspective to the discussions at ASCMC. I currently serve as the class of ‘18’s representative on the PSR committee for Sexual Assault and Title IX. I have spent my first two years here at CMC building connections and friendships with students and faculty and would seek to continue building bridges while serving you as DAC. As a motivator, includer, friend, competitor, ally, hard worker, listener, witty critic of Donald Trump, developer, and a learner, I am your clear choice for Dorm Affairs Chair. Vote Ludlam.


Dean Sagafi

No statement submitted.


Senior Class President

Cole Mora

Cole Mora '17

Hello Class of 2017,

My name is Cole Mora, and I am running to be your senior class president. I understand that this is a role that has historically focused on a few major events and securing a senior class gift, and that I am running unopposed. I want to make it clear, however, that I intend to serve you with the passion, creativity, humility, and commitment you deserve, and that I intend to earn your trust and involvement through my work.

I care deeply about our class. After working and learning alongside you for three years, I have seen what we are capable of. I am proud to walk around our campus and see all of the ways we have impacted and improved CMC. I get excited when I see our classmates leading organizations and publishing works and using their talents to serve the world around them. And as we enter our final year at CMC, I want to help us find ways to strengthen the connections we’ve made, emphasizing what about CMC brings us together, and leaving our community better off.

I will not be able to do this alone, nor should I decide what you want out of ASCMC. As our relationship with CMC changes, so too will our priorities. I want to serve your interests, and represent what you want to see in ASCMC. I want to empower and connect you to avenues for meaningful change at CMC. As we celebrate our journeys with (amazing) parties and class trips, I want to help us look at the CMC we have helped shape and build from it a vision to be carried on for years to come.

My door is still always open, and I cannot wait to serve you this year and for years to come.


Junior Class President

Joey Yamada

Joey Yamada '18

Hello beautiful people of the Class of 2018. If we haven’t met yet, my name is Joey Yamada and I am here to tell you why I’m your best choice for Junior Class President. I promise you it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m your only option.

Junior year is notably the year that almost everyone goes abroad. So whilst most of you will be exploring new terrain, I will be working hard in Claremont to keep you in the loop about everything that’s happening on campus. One of my goals will be to minimize the disconnect as much as possible. With the power of DL, I promise to update everyone with big news and fun things involving the various members of the Class of 2018.

Junior Class President also gets the honor of planning arguably the BEST party of the year (sans Pirate Party) aka Monte Carlo. I have had experience throwing some classy ragers outside of my North Quad room the last two years (read: Camp Sec wasn’t happy), which makes me excited to take on this responsibility. Also I’m very much taking suggestions so let me know what your hopes and dreams are for the classiest night of the fall.

That all being said, I do believe that I am qualified to represent you all accurately and respectfully. I believe that my background with DOS provides a strong framework for some great events that I have up my sleeve for this upcoming year. Furthermore, I am extremely open and approachable; I want to meet all the members of this incredible class by the end of my term and I want to hear your thoughts and comments on anything that’s happening!

SO VOTE4JOEY!  (pls I still need that majority vote :) :) :) )


Sophomore Class President

David Brown

David Brown '19

Platform: ASCMC has far too much money and power to not be held to a higher standard. As your sophomore class president I will seek to increase the voice of underclassmen as they represent the future of CMC through: (a) reinstating the ASCMC fellowship program with modifications to prevent corruption (b) create a sophomore/freshmen mentoring program (c) create a crash course on how ASCMC works and what positions there are for all interested freshmen (d) maintain sophomore class president office hours (e) create a strong and diverse sophomore council (f) initiate sophomore class mix and mingles (g) grant senate a much needed check on exec board (h) work with DOS to create a system whereby they can get quicker and consistent feedback from freshmen and (i) delay institute and club freshmen recruitment for two weeks so freshmen can know what they’re signing up for.

Background info: Cognitive Neuroscience major with a dual in Economics • from a suburb of Columbus, Ohio • I play more Nintendo than an 18-year-old probably should • I love sharks, shibas, and Alexander Hamilton

How I stand out: the most experience in ASCMC, a diverse history of student involvement, over four years of work in diversity and inclusion, an unmatched passion for the people of our class and school community as a whole, and concrete ideas and the drive to implement them.

Notable Experience: Student Body President at Columbus Academy, Dorm President of Crown, Co-Founder/Co-Editor in Chief of Claremont Radius, Elected Senator on Elections Committee President of United Columbus Academy (diversity club), Leadership in Black Organization of Student and Gay Straight Alliance, Training in Diversity-based Leadership and Peer Facilitation from the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, Central Ohio Leadership Academy Graduate


Quincy Brown

Hello I’m Quincy Brown and I’m running for your class president. Over the past semester i’ve planned some pretty cool events and I would love to continue to plan these events for the class and school in general. Just to recap some of the things that i’ve done so far:

  • Freshman tie-dye party
  • Pick your Poison Halloween Concert
  • 5C Pride party
  • Sound and Set up for PAPA Concert and Keenan O’Meara
  • Playlists for TNC’s
  • Djing: Halloween, Zoo Party, 5C Pride Party, and Queen Bey TNC

I have experience working with ASCMC and have also helped Pitzer Events Committee and Harvey Mudd’s Events Committee. My goal for this year is to progress our class unity and offer more opportunities for getting to know one another. I’m planning on having one person on my cabinet who works for OI. I want to plan different weekend getaways just for our class. This could be something simple like a hike or even a trips to Newport Beach to surf.

Some cool events that I have for the future semester and year to come include:

  • Class of 2019 Open Mic Night
  • Themed Class of 2019 Parties on Friday nights
  • Outdoor/La sponsored Trips
  • Class Movie Night on Green Beach
  • Class Beach Day
  • Co 5C 2019 Parties
  • Back Yard BBQ
  • And More :)

Over the past semester Josh Scal and I have been working on Metrolink passes with you guys in mind. We are in the finalization stage of creating some type of program that would give students free or subsidized Metrolink passes to LA. Lastly, I will be using the money that ASCMC pays me for more events for you guys. I truly care about each and everyone of you. I will do everything in my power to make this next year Fun, Comfortable, and Safe.


Edgar Warnholtz

Edgar Warnholtz

To me, this campaign isn't about a title, it's about an entire year of our lives. I'm Edgar Warnholtz, and I want to be your sophomore class president.

Let me tell you a little about me. As some of you may recall, I ran for freshman class president and finished in second. Accepting defeat in a new environment isn't always easy, but I figured I couldn't be stopped from getting up. I kept trying to make our class more united, regardless of title or position, by hosting events, starting a class-wide chat, and creaton interest groups on facebook. However, there are limitations to what anyone can do if they aren't linked to an organization like ASCMC. Today, I ask for your help, one vote, that will give us all a shot to shape cmc into the place we all can grow in and enjoy. I'm ready, now more than ever, to represent us, unite us, and act for us, so that next year we take our college experience to a whole other level.
Thank you for your support and for this opportunity.
Yours truly,
Edgar Warnholtz P
CMC '19