Following the Money


In the fall of 1946, an ambitious little college was founded in the basement of Bridges Auditorium at Pomona College. The new college’s purpose was to "...[teach] business administration and public administration in combination so that their numerous interlocking aspects can clearly be studied from a bi-partisan viewpoint…with an emphasis on training for leadership…and the importance of ethical foundations…” (Donald C. McKenna, 1992, Roots of Malcolm Carnegie McKenna). That ambitious little college has since grown and evolved beyond all expectations. Today, Claremont McKenna College is comprised of 1,328 students from around the world with a faculty whose expertise is nearly boundless. Over the years between then and now, the College has grown a substantial amount both financially and structurally. A timeline has been put together to show off some of Claremont McKenna’s biggest monetary donations and their uses.

Editors note: the number enrolled is for the class of that specific year only for 55, 65, and 75