Letter From the Editor: CMC History Month Introduction


Dear Forum readers:

Last spring, I started researching the history of Mary Pickford and CMC. Through my conversations with John Faranda ‘79, I got a glimpse of the many different stories and interesting tidbits surrounding CMC’s history. In our short 70 years, we’ve drastically changed our institution in so many areas from athletics to academics to social dynamics. Our strong alumni connections and unique place in the consortium and liberal arts at large only adds different dimensions to our current identity.

This project, CMC History Month, will span the month of November cataloguing, detailing, and diving deep into our existence from 1946 to today. Through the past, I hope we can understand where we are today, and perhaps where we need to go from here. We’ll be publishing different articles this entire month on topics ranging from CMC parties to student body demographics.

Special thanks to John Faranda '79, Jack '57 and Jil Stark, and countless other administrators, faculty, and staff for assisting us through this project.    


Haley Goodman