Exit Survey Indicates General Satisfaction, Some Problems with Spring Room Draw


While students were generally satisfied with last spring’s room draw, the results of last spring’s Room Draw Exit survey show that some issues did arise regarding living with friends, substance-free housing, and gender-neutral housing. The survey, which Daniel Ludlam '18 and the Dorm Affairs Committee conducted directly following room draw last year, was given to the Forum this week. Of the 420 respondents, almost 50% were from the Class of 2019, 28% from the Class of 2018, and 20% from the Class of 2017.

The percentage of respondents drawing into different residence halls varied, but the number of students selecting Mid Quad and South Quad dorms far outnumbered the number selecting North Quad dorms. On the lower end, just 4% of respondents drew into Wohlford; on the other end of the spectrum, 11% drew into Marks. Fifty-two percent of respondents selected the residence hall they wanted, and 78% were able to live in the quad they preferred. Eighty-four percent got a room with the number of roommates they wanted.

However, some students expressed dissatisfaction regarding the ability to live with friends, gender-inclusive housing, and substance-free housing.

Only 37% of respondents reported that they were able to live with all their friends.

Seventy-three percent of respondents did not want substance-free housing, and less than 1% of students who did not want to live in Stark ended up selecting the tower. Nine percent got substance-free housing who wanted it, but 8% wanted to live in Stark and were unable to.

Forty-four percent of respondents didn’t want gender-inclusive housing, but 23% of people who wished to not live in gender-inclusive dorms drew into one. 42.5 percent of respondents were indifferent about gender-inclusive housing. Nine percent wanted and drew into gender-inclusive housing, while 4% wanted to live in but didn’t draw into a gender-inclusive dorm.

On a scale of one to five, with five being very satisfied and one being very unsatisfied, students generally expressed happiness with their living situation. Twenty-six percent ranked themselves as a five, or very satisfied, with the outcome of room draw, and 71% of students ranked themselves at a three or above. Just 15% of students reported that they were very unsatisfied with their housing situation in the upcoming year.

Full results of the survey are available here.