Pirate Party Update

Every spring, hundreds of zealous CMC students conquer Green Beach for a day of merriment and celebration. This 5C event, Pirate Party, has been one of CMC’s most cherished traditions, and one that ASCMC has had to work especially hard to maintain. ASCMC has recently announced that Pirate Party will once again return April 30 on Alumni Weekend.

Due to several concerns voiced by the administration and the alumni, ASCMC will be walking a very fine line while hosting this event. Initially, Pirate Party was set to be a CMC-only party, with each student allowed to bring a guest; however, after negotiating with the administration, ASCMC has announced that Pirate Party will return as a 5C event. ASCMC hopes that due to a bigger event space and new fencing and music arrangements, Pirate Party 2016 will be bigger and better than ever.

Some of the important updates for Pirate Party 2016 are mentioned below.

All the 5C students will receive wristbands, a requirement to gaining entry, with no exceptions. Wristbands can be picked up in front of Collins during lunch and dinner starting Thursday. The registered guests will be required to bring a photo ID and wristband to get in (no exceptions). These wristbands are to be kept on for the entire duration of the event. The wristbands have the name of the student’s school on them to increase accountability.

ASCMC hopes to enforce a new rule of hosting no pre-parties before Pirate Party. However, each class will have a class brunch instead of individual pre-games. The freshman class brunch will be hosted in South Quad, sophomores outside of Crown, juniors in the Appleby BBQ area, and seniors at the Senior Apartments. The senior brunch is for seniors only, and any underclassmen trying to crash the event will have to deal with unfortunate consequences such as cancellation of the intruders’ own class brunch.

Collins will be open for brunch at 10a.m., instead of 10:30a.m., to 12:30pm and for dinner from 4:30p.m.-6:30p.m. to allow students to eat and hydrate enough before the party. Please note that to be able to sign in to Collins, you will need to be wearing a shirt, pants or shorts and shoes.

The athletic modules will serve as restrooms. To uphold and perpetuate a safe party atmosphere, the RAs will be on call to attend to anyone in need of help. (Please call the RA if your friend needs help; remember, you have Medical Amnesty).

ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 stated in his email to the student body that “Pirate Party is 5C this year, but it almost was not. Administrators were disappointed by the behavior of 5C students at our event last year and had revoked the event’s 5C status until good-faith negotiations took place this month. I reiterate this so that you know the fine line we, as a student body, are walking. Pirate Party must be a successful event, and the expectations set by administrators must be followed if we want to have this event again next spring.”

ASCMC has very clearly stated that, “If you do not comply with our rules within the event or on campus, your wristband will be removed and you will not be able to re-enter.”

Both the ASCMC members and the RAs are doing their best to make Pirate Party as fun as they can for the student body, and would greatly appreciate cooperation and earnest commitment from the students to making the day safe and fun. With all that said, Pirate Party 2016 is officially set to be the biggest and most enjoyable party of this semester!