A Guide to Lunch at the 5Cs

Is that Wednesday Athenaeum lunch talk really worth going to if it means missing Pitzer’s fresh farm bowl? Still don’t know what day Collins serves Sauteed to Order? Does lunching at the Hub on a Tuesday constitute grave and irrevocable gastronomical deprivation for your tastebuds? Is there ever a time when you should settle for Collins’ pizza to-go?

Once again, if you have pondered even one of these critical uncertainties, have had to pity flex yourself a quesadilla after an inexcusable Collins experience, or are simply too lazy to check the menu, The Forum has you covered.

**Disclaimer: Lunch menus tend to shift with more frequency, so the options listed might not reflect the menu choices for every given week.


Winner: Frary

Two words: Ahi. Poke.

Though Mondays can arguably be pretty rough, make them a little less grim by walking down to Frary for some ahi tuna poke. Fresh and mouthwatering, this Hawaiian classic won’t disappoint. With other options like broccoli cheddar soup, samosas, a burger bar and naan, Frary Mondays will make sure you're ready and energized to get through the week.

Runner-Up: Collins

Featuring homemade mozzarella sticks that are ten times more cheesy and satisfying than those served at the Hub, reubens on rye bread, caprese salad and sauteed to order, Mondays at Collins are another good choice.

Honorable Mention: Scripps

Notable Items: chicken parmesan, baked ziti, garlic bread and popcorn chicken.


Winner: Frank

Though alternating each week between bulgogi, bibimbap and a nacho bar, Frank’s Tuesday options will be tasty no matter which menu you end up receiving. A traditional Korean rice dish topped with juicy, tender beef, the bibimbap is astonishingly savory and satisfying. Alternatively, your tastebuds will thank you upon tasting the guac-piled, cheese-smothered, carne/chicken-heaped creation that the Frank nacho bar allows you to construct.

Runner-Up: Pitzer

With its famous fresh tomato salad, potatoes au gratin and carnitas torta sandwiches, Pitzer is another good call for Tuesday lunch.

Honorable Mention: Mudd

Notable Items: creamy crab mac 'n cheese, grilled cheese, chicken patty sandwich and burger bar.


Winner: Pitzer

Cherished by vegetable-lovers and meat-enthusiasts alike, farm fresh bowl Wednesdays are a classic amongst all sectors of the 5C population. Pitzer gives you the option to tailor your bowl to fit your every preference, from the base to the toppings. Needless to say, the farm fresh bowl constitutes more than just a salad.

If you constantly crave carbohydrates and can’t conceive a meal that doesn't fulfill your daily bread fix, don’t worry--Pitzer also has a dank panini bar that allows you to get the best of both worlds.

Runner-Up: Scripps

If you’re too hangry to make the 20+ minute wait for fresh farm bowl, head over to Scripps and make your own (almost) equally as satisfying salad in under half the time. Also featuring teriyaki chicken, zucchini fries and naan, Scripps offers a variety of tasty options for your hump-day lunch experience.

Honorable Mention: Mudd

Notable Items: made-to-order salad, pho and Butterfinger Cinnamon Toast bar.


Winner: Frank

Whether you’re celebrating the end of the week or cramming for that Friday morning midterm, the personal pan pizza bar at Frank is by far the best option for any one of those situations. Customizable and perfectly portioned, Frank gives you the liberty of constructing your pizza any way you want. Also featuring homemade enchiladas and delectable french dips, Pomona gets mad props for killing it on this one.

Runner-Up: Pitzer

If you don’t have time to make the trek down to Frank (or don’t have access to a car), Pitzer’s dining hall also comes through with its delectable pasta bar. With sauces like luscious Alfredo or zesty Marinara, the pasta bar allows you to customize your own pasta dish and make the most out of your Thursday lunch experience.

Honorable Mention: Scripps

Notable Items: Baja tacos, cheddar broccoli soup, salad bar with salmon and granola.


Winner: Scripps

If you’re already missing that ahi tuna bowl from Thursday night at Pitzer, don’t worry because Scrapps has you covered with their weekly sushi bar. With classic options like salmon, tuna, California and avocado rolls, you’ll be sure to get your fresh fix of fish. Also featuring torta sandwiches, made-to-order salads and a burger bar, Scripps’ dining hall will definitely make sure you have a memorable final lunch of the week.

Runner-Up: Collins:

Almost always featuring sautéed to order on Fridays as well as tomato-mozzarella focaccia sandwiches, Collins’ Friday lunch is a deliciously dependable bet. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, however, Collins has been known to serve crusted lemon grass shark on select Fridays in the past.

Honorable Mention: Frary

Notable Items: Stromboli, Mongolian beef stir fry, avocado citrus salad and caramel frozen yogurt.