The 5C Coffee Guide

Unlike politics, one thing we can all agree upon on this campus is that coffee is the sweet nectar of life. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to staying caffeinated at the 5C's.

Part One: The Dining Halls


Rating: 4.5/5 beans

Pitzer’s dining hall coffee is by far the strongest out of all the 5C dining halls. In addition, Pitzer offers both traditional sugar alongside caramel and vanilla syrup as sweeteners.  What holds McConnell back from a full five-star rating is the cup situation (or lack thereof). Mugs often are all taken, and the to-go coffee cup lids leak like crazy when the cup is tilted to simply drink the coffee; however, Pitzer is the only dining hall that offers the option of buying a to-go coffee cup for 25 cents of precious flex.


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Rating: 3/5 beans

I know, I know, but hear me out — Collins has a cool espresso machine where you can add extra shots of chocolate to your coffee. The drip coffee itself is watery with a weak taste and the to-go cups can only be obtained through purchasing a to-go box (50 cents, which is two times the price at Pitzer!), but a great bonus is that at least these cups actually keep the coffee inside of them.


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Rating: 4/5 beans

Frary’s coffee is comparably as strong as Pitzer’s, but its one fatal flaw is that the creamer is often nowhere to be found. If you don’t have a soul and like to drink black coffee, then Frary is for you. Or if you are content with whole milk to liven up your drink, then have at it. Or maybe we just couldn’t find the creamer.


Part Two: The Cafés

Okay — this is where it gets real. Dining halls are fine for plain coffee drinkers, but the cafés on campus are where to go for that “Machilatte Frapmocha Whipped Chai Espresso-Yoself” that you’ve been craving. After a while all those drinks start to sound the same, so here’s your chance to see who’s really serving the best of the best.

The Motley at Scripps

Rating: 4.9/5 beans

The Motley has got it down. The mugs are cute. The coffee is superb. The straws are orange. What more could anybody want? The Motley’s cold brew coffee is particularly fantastic — so smooth it doesn’t even need sugar. Also, the Motley has a machine that cleans the espresso cups by shooting water into them as the barista presses down (if that made no sense go and see for yourself) and IT IS SO COOL. Basically free entertainment while you wait for your drink. Why only 4.9 stars? The wait can be pretty long, but that’s because the line is long, because the coffee is great, so can we really complain?

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PitStop at Pitzer

Rating: 4.75/5 beans

PitStop is a hidden gem of Pitzer. The plain coffee — both iced and hot — is strong and delicious. The other typical coffee drinks (e.g., mocha, latte) are perhaps more on the mediocre side, but PitStop still scores high because the drinks are made so quickly. If you have a class at Pitzer and are in a rush, this café is the perfect spot for a quick caffeine boost. For those of you who don't know where it is, PitStop is located in Avery Hall.

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MuddBucks at Harvey Mudd

Rating: 3.5/5 beans

MuddBucks serves drinks with the Starbucks logo on the cups, and almost everything about the drinks are exactly the same as Starbucks, except the whipped cream (plot twist). It is much sweeter and thicker than the cream used by the real Starbucks, so this café really comes down to personal whip-preference.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.14.14 AM


Honnold Café at the Honnold-Mudd Library

Rating: 4.8/5

Honnold Café is a wonderful place that makes late night studying so much easier by their wide offering of coffee drinks and tea, hot or iced. As a bonus, Honnold Café definitely has the best selection of food items, from typical coffee shop fare (e.g., bagels, donuts, croissants) to rather avant-garde meals (e.g., sushi, spring rolls, soup).

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We hope this review gave you another reason to spend your flex. Happy coffee drinking!