Class of 2015: Six-Word Memoirs

Legend has it that the six-word memoir traces back to Ernest Hemingway. He was asked to write an entire story using only six words, producing this poignant but eery result: "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn." Since Hemingway, countless others have taken up the challenge to tell miniature stories of their own; some are deep, some are sweet, some are funny. A few years back, CMC's seniors in the Class of 2012 decided to make it a part of their graduating tradition to follow suit and write their own six-word memoirs.

Each May since then, the seniors have been asked to seal their four years at CMC with six words. Without further ado, here are the Class of 2015's six-word memoirs:


This must be the place — Sooch Nareddy

This must have been the place — Tim Storer

Simply live for the view — Madi Knaub

There's always money in the pod — Ben Lawson

One day Sachin Shah Reading Room — Sachin Shah


I can't! I have In-Lend Fund... — Rhea Jain

Wait, my email address is what? — Stephanie Haft

"Are you a freshman?...Oh, sorry." — Janelle Garcelon

And avocado on Claremont Cash please. — Juetzinia Kazmer

Aye, that was the easy part? — Richard Ahne

Left it all on the dancefloor — Jared thomas

Will you drive me to chipotle? — Dana Gibson

Aspiring to be a trophy wife — Christy Sutherland

Late bloomer turned into a cougar — Amelia E.

Student Outreach Utilizing Resources & Community Exchange — Alice Chang

I should have won most changed — Kayla Nonn

Bloom and grow forever, CMC loves. — Monique Nguyen

Friends Understanding Champagne Kravis Impact Travel — Jake Shimkus

Poppa: you are not my Papa — Becca Rosenthal

Don't just do good, be good! — Nadeem Farooqi

Love you all. Don't be Strangers!! — Kyle Weiss


I have so much photographic blackmail — Tricia Wang

Work hard, play hard, and repeat — Andrew Nam

Work, but don't forget to live — Kosta Psaltis

I am in the library tonight — Sanjana Rao

I am king of crown hall. — Elena Lopez

No, Milwaukee is not a state. — Billy Ostermeyer

NOW who's gonna sponsor my visa?! — Hyo Sung Joo

Just finished my first/last final ever. — Logan Solomon

How I wish I was graduating — Jake Bishop

I like it in the Ath — David Leathers

Sometimes, I'm awake during the day — Sho Kajima

You obviously didn't read my email — Abby Michaelsen

Jam is Life — MJ Kim

I came, I saw, I came. — Nicholas Nasse

Wait, do I even go here? — Lindsey Davidson

I'm still shorter than the freshmen — Liza Farr

But you don't even know her — Ben Goldberg

Do you want to get coffee? — Nikita Mehandru

I'm glad I didn't choose Pomona — Jenna Hussein

The Apartment Babes are for life — Cam Ridley

Great times, Good People, Job: CMC — Josh Naon

Great journeys happen with great friends. — Evan Soll

Free Peter Clancy — Alex Chang

Keep Calm and Write Papers period — Janice Han

No, I'm not a Pomona freshman. — Derek Ko

Why is the rum always gone? — Aly Minamide

Always say yes to every adventure. — Ashraf Mathkour


I tried to avoid an all-nighter — Joohyun Kim

Searching for Dane Brown: A Memoir — Harry Pellicoro

Don't remember much - loved every second — Palin Liu

No my shorts aren't too short — Charlie Montgomery

"Claremont McKenna liked fat Moe better" — Moe Abdul-Rahim

Honestly, what even is a library? — Sophie Galant

Bhangin Bharta, Resident Evil, Red Sunglasses — Sarah Swartz

HE > i — Josh Mittler

Learned to Laugh at My Mistakes — Brad Richardson

Wow, being a NARP is fun — Hayley Schultz

Be happy and let it be. — Sydney Stephenson

Laughed so hard, peed a little — Maya Sandalow

I am already in poppa withdrawal — Talia Segal

I finally found my voice again — Kenny Cunanan

Do it for the DL access — Ben Tillotson

Hey, need a golf cart ride? — Hashim Jamil

I like to swim, because racing — Cameron Whiting

Word. Word. Word. — Aman Ghose

Lucas can't even win dorm president — Max Winsberg

"California Stars" - Wilco and Billy Brag — Grace Rodriguez

Wouldn't choose to be anywhere else. — Michael Levy

It was the best of times — Cory Justin Wang

The best trip I've ever had — Felipe Peterson


It's not making out, it's friendship — Jeff Hochhauser

Get your hands off my sister — Julia Keinan

Pub girl in a Hub world — Isabel Lester

I'm sorry, please don't sue me — Clancy Tripp

So when we were in Jordan... — Aseem Chipalkatti

Shoot, am I late again? — David Tse

Need to be at the Ath — Hester Lam

Paaaartyyy in Benson! — Karan Malik

Wisdom: a rationalization for freshman year — Dante Toppo

Popping around town and humping the honeys — Chris Rama

Remember when I lived in Stark? — Garrett Wells

Always another cool CMCer to meet — Nick Weiss

Time flies when you're blacked out — Gracie Coburn

Yes, CMC does have a garden. — Melanie Paty

Still perfecting the science of overcommitment — Tess Hubbeling



Congrats, Class of 2015!