Person Of Interest Identified in Appleby Arson Case

On December 9, 2014, Marcie Gardner, Assistant Vice President for Investigations, announced in an email to the CMC community that in the Appleby arson case, a "person of interest" has been identified. This person was last seen "running through the Bauer parking lot in a northeast direction at 3:03 a.m," according to the email. The person of interest captured on video

"The person identified in the video is only deemed a person of interest, not a suspect," Gardner stated in an email to The Forum. "However, CMC will vigorously pursue this lead, and any others it develops, until a suspect is identified."

When asked how this person of interest was identified, Gardner responded that he was "captured on CMC’s video surveillance, which is being further reviewed for additional details on this person’s movements." She also noted that "CMC is working on enhancing the images in all videos as well as reviewing surrounding video footage to further detail this person’s movements. Both the Claremont Police Department and Los Angeles County Fire Department Arson Investigation Unit are actively assisting CMC in tracking down leads," she continued. "Each entity is actively working on different aspects of the investigation, consistent with its expertise. Because it is a continuing investigation which cannot be jeopardized, details of the investigation cannot be shared at this juncture," Gardner stated about the current investigation effort.

Anyone with the slightest bit of information about the arson, this person of interest, or other potential suspects is encouraged to contact CMC, care of Assistant Vice President of Investigations, Marcie Gardner on her office phone at 909-607-0348 or