Class of 2014: Six-Word Memoirs

Could you tell the story of your life at CMC in six words? When CMC seniors are about to graduate, they are given the opportunity to sum up their CMC experience in six words. Here's what they said:

 Katya Abazajian - "Dear Forum, stop censoring me, fuck"

Ana Kakkar - "Stop cussing on the fucking Forum"

Carly Lenderts - "I know less, but understand more."

Pieter Cornel - "Found my passion in college: CMC"

Mark Blumenfeld - "UGH UGH UGH, no mom, UGH"

Steven Limandibhratha - "So, when are we getting drinner?"

Niharika Khemka - "Must we always push it!"

Eric Michael Yee - "Belligerently stumbling my way into professionalism."

Lauren Kecskes - "Eat sleep lab repeat. Thanks science"

Vedant Jaitha - "Thanks green beach for spoiling me."

Shree Pandya - "The snarkiest sitcom you've never seen"

Luke Mayer - "Too good for just six words"

Josh Cohen - " It's Tuesday, turn down por qua?"

Maya Reddy - "I survived the Poppa bathroom, bitches."

Chad Newbry - "Keep the good times coming!"

Christina Brandt - "I'll be sending my kids here"

Alex Toohey - "It wasn't me, it was Britney"


Zach Panzer - "Lab: the limit does not exist"

Jack Houghteling - "You take your time, young lion"

Charles Blyzniuk - "Deal with it. Rock n roll"

Michaela Ecklund - "There's something good in every day"

Hannah Dunham - "My name is Hannah, not Dunham"

Henry Johnson - "This ain't no f***ing video game"

Andrew Bergman - "What bar?"

Hillary Lundberg - "Can Poppa go on my resume?"

Reyn Ono - "The best memories I can barely remember"

Tara Jotwani - "I secretly miss Honnold Mudd already"

Marina Giloi - "Hey, why weren't you on shift?"

Jaanhvi Vaidya - "She doesn't even go here!"

Nate Falk - "Lower your expectations, then exceed them."

Karan Saggi - "We'll do it all over again"

Haley Patoski - "You just need a therapist's note"

Andy Link - "A hearty pour of fine beer"

Jesse Pence - "Short and sweet"

Curtis Wang - "Sorry, I'm not from this country"

Lauren Allen - "Four unforgettable, life-changing years. Thanks CMC!"

Donald Tan - "MISSING: one tooth; last seen: Fountain Party"

Bryanna Moore - "I need another shot, or 5"

Erin MacLean - "Shut up Bryanna, no one cares"

Maddie Bannon - "Oh hey, meet my roommate Bunny"

Lynsey Chediak - "North Quad. Argentina. DC. Ballin erryday"

Laila Heid - "Four years, California, still not tan"

Theresa Lomneth - "So much to do, so little"

Michael Franklin - "Eyo, you kids like that fridge"

Tawney Hughes - "What you seek is seeking you"

Maddie Hall - "Have you seen the speaker cables?"

Christina Whalen - "You can call me the steenz"

Karun Kiani - "Sorry I can't, I have lab"

Cat Blakelock - "It's a single serving, I swear"

Anthea Weixel - "A tan ginger? What the fuck?"

Laura Epstein - "Wait - have you eaten peanuts today?"

Caitlin Highland - "My room is not THAT messy"

Shelby Barthold - "Athenas Basketball. Tutti Frutti. FRIENDS FOREVER!"

Benjamin Baker - "A swimmingly good time!"

Tessa DeCandido - "I say sake, you say BOMB!"

Cameron Ruby - "And four old-fashioned glazed, please"

Marco Martellini - "So, has anyone seen our door?"

Kelly Chen - "Never should have skipped kindergarten, Mom"

Hilary Haskell - "I TRIED to fix the sprinklers"

Merriel Foster - "Thursdays have been fun. I think"

Matthew Lee - "Do not change volume or song!"

Claire Peterson - "No dance party? ...time for bed"

Kelsey Hamano - "Always time for TV and friends"

Noah Jay - "Vyvanse, a hell of a drug"

Bryn Nisbet - "10 minutes, just took my pepcid"

Pooja Reddy - "poojalaza screwja winniethepooj ebenezerscrooj boujiepoojie shplooj"

James Havlicek - "Tried to be a rapper lolz"

Emmy Mildenberg - "World so fast, mind still slow"

Hannah Goldberg-Morse - "And this one time, in India..."

Alexandra Cooke - "Gimme the megaphone, I'm taking over."

Shriya Ravishankar - "Not sure. Ask again in a month."

Kendyl Klein - "Shit guys I'm not wearing underwear"

Leah Johnson - "OMG there's a virus going around?"

Bennett Jones - "We R Who We R - Club214"

Jack Flannery - "Awesome and also amazing. Thanks CMC!"

Hye Won Chung - "Poppa, Ryal, or South Lab?"

Josh Rael - "Nothing I would not do again."

Monica Cason - "I am proud of it all."

Stephanie Oehler - "Claremont, Denmark, DC: Loved all three!"

Kanupriya Rungta - "I can't. Next week, I promise."

Carly Goodkin - "You lived there all four years?"

Kathryn Yao - "Eating salmon sashimi makes everything better"

Ducky Duckworth - "The people made the madness worthwhile"

Shane Farley - "Man, they never played Free Bird"

Allison Ipsen - "One bang trim at a time"

Julie Ahn - "I always win the little things"

Tyler McBrien - "Famous last words: Welcome to Boyztown"

Ibrahim Patoudi - "They'll be glad that I'm gone"

Bojana Bozic - "Interested in a Serbian themed party?"

Ethan Landau - "Boyztown; This is why we're single"


Hannah Lee - "Till we meet again tequila Hanz"

Laura Renfroe - "Long live Jim Nauls' CAPSLOCK EMAILZ"

Shrivats Khaitan - "Enjoying So Cal with amazing friends"

Remy Pinson - "Not too late, never too late"

Rachel Waterman - "Truth: Ellie and Helen are dating"

Chris Albanese - "Still can't believe it's not butter."

Claudia Raigoza - "Sponsored by the Kravis Leadership Institute"

Adam Griffith - "Should have eaten more Pizza Bagels"

Justin Sykes - "Aint nobody got time for memoirs"

Cortland Henderson - "The most memorable bittersweet agony imaginable."

Ritvij Gautam - "An experiment in self-realization"

Lauren Callahan - "Life's tough, get a wristguard. #blessed"

Katie Rodihan - "Live every day like it's TNR"

Shitong Shou - "Equivalent to a long time"

John Montesi - "Everything I didn't think it'd be."

Joe Newbry - "No risk, no reward"

Zhenya Pereverzin - "The best time of my life"

Ian Gulliver - "Global, debatable, and at times lugubrious."

McKenzie Javorka - "'GALILEO SANDWICH! Such a classic.' -Tamar"

Melissa Becker - "Poppa has soul, CMC has liver"

Simone Berkovitz - "Hi Friends! Dance party study break?!"

Eli Coon - "Will this fit on my resume?"

Aidan Fahnestock - "Assume the front-leaning rest position"

Minger Bropleh - "Where I discovered, pursued, and soared"

Ben Feldman - "Guys, Frank is not that far..."

Veronica Salas - "Arizona girl hibernates through California winters"

Nora Studholme - "Life is good. So is Whiskey."

Catt Tung - "A Discovery of Step 1 Contrast!"

Douglas Peterson - "Reclusive, Totally. Girly GetA HoldOf Me."

Joshua Thomasson - "More Than I Imagined"

Angelica Ferreira - "Unforgettable friends and all-nighters @campclaremont!"

Tony Barone - "Wealth is his who enjoys it"

Taryn Akiyama - "Surprise! I am not a junior."

Carter Wilkinson - "I look into my father's eyes..."

Willy Leach - "Whiskey Business is risky business, indeed."

Sam Stone - "Make mistakes, then learn from them"

Philip Liao - "This is like a shitty haiku"

Joey Liekweg - "Go make memories with your friends"

Michael Mavredakis - "That's right Iceman...I am dangerous"

Sean Adler - "Get your game on, Go Play"

Nicky G - "Going out? Is the sky blue?"

Clark Kissiah - "omg ragebawlz is like basically avicii"

Max Zipperman - "Didn't let school interfere with college"

Gavin Landgraf - "A Landgraf always pays his debts"

Graduation 2012

Congratulations, class of 2014!