Welcome to the Forum

Inaugural ceremonies have taken place, books are vanishing from Huntley shelves, and students are beginning to populate local study areas.  The Forum is excited to beckon in the new year with a slew of changes from a completely redesigned website to an excited, new Editorial Board. First, the Forum staff would like to remind readers of the Forum's comment policy, which has remained unchanged from the existing precedent: Comment Policy

The Forum is a place for discourse and for the ideas of the students. We want to start important discussions and serve as a venue for students to get their ideas out on a public forum. However, our comment policy prohibits libel and vulgarities of any kind. Often, students write meaningful comments that never see the website because they include profanities -- even if just one. Our comment filter will not allow vulgar language to be published on the website. Commenting on the Forum currently allows anonymity, which we believe is important to fostering difficult discussions. In the past, this has occasionally allowed for students to hide behind their keyboards to insult and slander their peers. We stand strongly against this type of behavior, and hope that you will choose to make your comments thoughtful. We encourage you to contribute your ideas, and we hope to be able to host them in a productive way.

Introducing Our Editors


Ana Kakkar Editor-in Chief I am a senior at CMC studying Economics and on some days Computer Science. This year I want to bring fresh perspectives to the Forum, and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Claremont and everything else.


fytd40b00d6pbg2t18jnKatya Abazajian Managing Editor I'm a senior at CMC (still wrapping my mind around the concept) studying economics and math (both less ground-shaking concepts than being old). I look forward to facilitating another year of compelling news, opinions and life commentaries from our team of hard-working writers. This year, I hope that we'll grow into our amazing, new, modern website, and deliver content more tailored to what Claremont College students want to read. That said, our entire editorial staff will be open to hearing suggestions and receiving submissions throughout the year. So, if at any point your fury with the lack of air-conditioning in North Quad becomes unbearable, let your thoughts out on paper, edit, and send your masterpiece in to the Forum.


photo (13) - Version 2Nathan Falk Chief Operating Officer I'm a senior at CMC majoring in Mathematics and Economics. I began writing for the Forum during my freshman year, served as the Opinion Section editor my sophomore year and will serve as the Chief Operating Officer for my last year in Claremont. But that doesn't mean that I plan to stop writing CMCNumbers columns! I'm originally from Lafayette, Northern California, and love surfing, San Francisco Giants baseball, and my chocolate lab Ella.


Adam Sunglasses

Adam Griffith Opinion Editor Hey all, my name is Adam and I'm the Editor of the Opinion Section for the Forum. I'm a PPE major and member of the Class of 2014, and I've been writing for the Forum since my first year at CMC. We're looking for a wide variety of columnists and editorial writers, so if you'd like to write for the Forum about anything, don't hesitate to get in touch. Shoot me a note at agriffith14@cmc.edu, let's make some cool articles!


Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.59.30 PM

Shannon Miller Co-News Editor I'm a sophomore at CMC studying math and government. As one of the news editors this year, I look forward to diversifying the news content to focus on a wider array of issues and events important to CMCers. For the news section, we are looking for writers who are excited to learn more about college developments and interested in covering student government, breaking news, and administrative changes on campus.


Nina Kamath

Nina Kamath Co-News Editor I'm a sophomore at CMC from San Jose, CA, majoring in Economics-Accounting dual Philosophy. As a News Editor this year, I am hoping to institute more beat reporting to the Forum in order to have timely, fresh content published on relevant campus institutions and events. I have an unhealthy obsession for Suits, Asian food, graphic design, and Collins snack and spend all my waking hours at the Rose or C-Hall.


407406_2112090409344_1725323547_nHannah Goldberg-Morse Copy Editor Hannah Goldberg-Morse is a current senior at CMC with a major in international relations and religious studies. Hailing from Philadelphia the Main Line, Hannah spends her time out in Claremont volunteering, working with ASCMC, eating desserts in the Ath kitchen, researching, teaching kindergarteners, chillin' with prospective students and wreaking havoc in Poppa. When not reading ethnographic studies of gang violence in the Northern Triangle, Hannah likes to bum around Abbot Kinney, make ice cream from scratch,  and motorbike the Indian subcontinent.