The 6 Reasons I'm Secretly in Love with Pitzer

Now, if you’re staring at your computer in alarm thinking “I can’t believe this satanist would rather attend Pitzer than CMC! CMC is infinitely better than Pitzer!” please relax. I agree with you, I love CMC with all my heart and would never, ever think of attending a different school. Yet, I do appreciate many qualities Pitzer has to offer. So, I’ve compiled a list of the reasons I have to admit I am in love with Pitzer.

1: The Grove House

Grove sandwiches are THE best thing I’ve eaten at any of the 5Cs thus far. Yes, even better than mozzarella sticks at snack (and god knows I'm snack-obsessed). I personally prefer the fried egg on ciabatta with chipotle sauce (particularly awesome with a cookie). Besides being an amazing lunch spot, the Grove House also serves as a campus social center. They host events ranging from student concerts to discussions on feminism. Most Thursdays, the Grove House hosts a "Story Slam" where anyone can share funny, interesting, and weird stories. Although it takes place during TNC, just go once, I promise it is worth it. I strongly encourage you to stop by this bungalow on the edge of Pitzer’s campus (particularly during lunchtime).

2: Public Art

One thing that makes Pitzer unique from any of the other 5Cs is the large presence of public art. In Mead Hall, pillars are plastered with student paintings. This little touch of student engagement adds a homier feel to Pitzer’s campus. A friend of mine even decided to apply to Pitzer the moment she saw a cartoon of a banana with a person holding a spoon. My favorite is the mural on Avery Hallt; it combines beautiful graphics with a vision of Pitzer past, present, and future. Pretty trippy, man. Feel free to check some out here and decide which is your favorite!

3: The New Dorms

 Last year, I prospied at Pitzer in addition to CMC. I was fortunate enough to stay in the new freshmen dorms (Pitzer, Atherton, and Sanborn Halls, also known as PAS). Not only are they clean, but they have an awesome layout--three buildings, all with bright-orange dutch doors that open to the outdoors and face a pool. Pretty sweet, eh? Each dorm also has a sweet lounge with a full kitchen. Not to mention the new Phase II dorms are basically a newer version of PAS that are so nice that they rival C-Hall.

4: Brunch

I will staunchly defend Pitzer brunch as the best of the 5Cs. I don’t care how good the smoothies are at Scripps -- the lines are too long, and I don’t like waiting three hours for an omelet. Pitzer has a shorter wait, far more omelet toppings, and about 30 thousand different types of cream cheeses. Pesto cream cheese? Pure deliciousness - although jalapeño comes in a close second. Not to mention that you don't have to worry about looking like you were just dragged through a woodchipper, you'll fit right in with the grungy Pitzer crowd. Every Sunday hangover should be spent at McConnell.

5: Clock Tower Midnight at Wednesdays

Just check it out. Enough said.

6: The Mounds

Pellissier Mall AKA the Mounds is the grassy knoll right outside the dining hall. I once saw someone making bubble art there, and the hammocks are amazing for napping, a subject which I am a self-proclaimed expert on. The mounds even combine two favorite hobbies: creepy people watching and playing my favorite game, "Guess which 5C they attend"!

So give Pitzer a fighting chance and find your inner guru at a meditation sesh on those lovely Pitzer hills. All of the jokes about granola kids aside, Pitzer is a wonderful place to explore, and I encourage everyone to embrace their inner Pitzer.