Claremont Domino's Temporarily Shuttered

Hungry CMCers' quests for a late-night snack just got a little more complicated: The Claremont Domino’s Pizza has temporarily shut its doors. Sophomore Greg Hoffman, who often orders Domino’s, called the store’s closure “kind of tragic.” There is good news, however. The Domino’s is not closed permanently. Although the phone line for the Claremont location is now disconnected, the staff at the Upland Domino’s restaurant was happy to explain that the Claremont Domino’s is changing ownership and will be back open in two weeks or so.

The change, though inconvenient, should not impose a huge hardship for Claremont McKenna students, as there are still plenty of other late-night snack options at the 5Cs. The Hub is open until 2 a.m. on weekends, as is Jay’s Place (The Muddhole) for those of us hungry enough to justify walking all the way to Mudd for a sub or a pizza, and the Coop at Pomona is open until 1:30 a.m. But each of these fills a substantially different role than Domino’s delivering pizza straight to campus.

As such, the temporary closure leaves a hole in the late-night snack market that will be hard to fill. None of the other nearby Domino’s locations delivers. Papa John’s does—and thanks to its presence at Monday’s Taylor Swift concert there are now hundreds of Papa John’s coupons floating around the 5Cs—but it is only open until 10 p.m. according to its website. Hoffman said he will “probably turn to Round Table” for late-night pizza while Domino’s is closed, although Round Table closes at midnight every night.

Ultimately, students will survive a couple of weeks without delivery pizza from Domino’s. It’s not the end of the world (After all, it isn’t December yet!), just a minor inconvenience. And, of course, not all students at CMC buy Domino’s. Even for them, though, the closure will not go unnoticed. Remy Guercio ’16, one of these students, simply said, “I’ve never actually ordered from there, but I guess I won’t be filching slices for a while!”