Jess Davis '16 Appointed as ASCMC Executive Secretary

During the October 14 ASCMC Executive Board Meeting, newly appointed Executive Secretary Jess Davis '16 was sworn into office.

While the position has traditionally been held by upperclassmen, this year, the Board will continue last year's precedent of appointing a freshman to the position in hopes of increasing underclassman presence on the Board.

Former Executive Secretary Stephanie Haft ’15 served as the first freshman in the position when the spot opened up last year due to a resignation.

“It is important that the position be someone with a fresh perspective,” Haft said. Due to the versatility of the position, Haft said that it is a great “stepping stone into other positions on the Board or within ASCMC.” After stepping down, Haft will continue to serve on the Board as one of ASCMC President Aditya Pai's Presidential Advisors.

Rather than accept applications to fill her position in the spring, Haft continued to work as Executive Secretary until the fall in order to encourage freshman and sophomore applicants. “The way it worked before made it impossible for freshmen to apply,” Pai said.

Davis said she is “really excited to be part of the ASCMC team and [is] looking forward to working on improving ASCMC’s website and our outreach to the student body.”

According to the ASCMC Constitution, as Executive Secretary, Davis will be responsible for producing and distributing the minutes of the Board as well as keeping an accurate record of all past minutes.