Decision 2012: DAC & Freshman Class Presidents

Note: Forum staff did not edit or revise these statements in any way. They are directly from the candidates in their own words. Their views do not necessarily represent those of the Forum. Statements from each of the candidates are below, listed in the order they were received. Acting in accordance with ASCMC election rules, comments have been disabled for this post.

· Dormitory Activities Council Chair (DAC) ·

Evan Otis '13

As a senior I have seen how this school’s social scene can be run to perfection.  While many aspects of CMC’s social traditions are still intact, currently we are moving in the wrong direction. Many think that as our school goes up in the rankings, the Dean of Students will inherently become stricter. I am here to debunk this rumor. There is no reason we have to sacrifice what CMC used to be just because the Princeton Review has labeled us a top school.

I am aware that for real change to occur, the DAC must work in a collaborative and constructive manner with the Dean of Students.  I currently serve on ASCMC as a Presidential Advisor, appointed to specifically help the SAC and DAC with their positions.  I have been heavily involved in bringing every party together but as the DAC I will have increased influence, allowing me to make necessary changes to our social scene.

As the DAC I will strive to accomplish the following, first on the agenda is addressing TNC.  Gone are those lame 20 person parties with high security, copious amounts of fencing, and hundreds of 5C students standing outside unable to gain entry.  I wont allow it anymore. I have already been working with members of ASCMC and the Dean of Students to bring 5C TNC back as a weekly event.  This is not a goal but a necessity.

Throughout my experience at CMC I have befriended many of the previous social chairs, all of whom have pushed me to run for DAC. I have gained a lot of insight from their past experiences that I will be sure to incorporate as I work to make the social scene even better than it once was.

Make the right choice. Let me plan our parties. You won’t regret it.

Abby Michaelsen '15

As your DAC, I will bring a fresh and new perspective to CMC’s social life. Both dedicated and experienced, I have what it takes to get the job done.  I’ve worked with DOS in the past, registering events and securing event locations.  I played a major role on the planning committee of last year’s Monte Carlo. And as a VP of the Class of 2015, I executed many freshman events and pregames.

I plan to…

INFORM YOU.  Ever make plans to go off-campus only to find out late Wednesday night that it’s a weekend you don’t want to miss?  I’ll fix this problem by working with the Social Chairs to streamline upcoming social events into monthly “Social Calendars,” giving you plenty of time to prepare costumes and weekend plans.  Additionally, I would work to send the Party Inform earlier to include Tuesday and Wednesday night activities.

AMAZE YOU.  Thursday night has traditionally been something CMCers look forward to.  Yet, far too often people complain that TNC just isn’t fun anymore.  I will revive TNC with better themes, a wider variety of beverages and decorations, and a combination of off and on campus locations.  Right now we’re allowed one 5C TNC per month; increasing this number will be my #1 priority.

GET YOU INVOLVED.  The DAC’s responsibilities span far beyond TNC.  I plan to improve Dorm Life by helping Dorm Presidents better utilize their funds, while rewarding good dorm presidents with extra funding from the DAC fund.  To foster dorm communities, I’ll plan “Dorm Wars” and “Dorm Olympics” with awesome prizes.  Lastly, two TNC themes per semester will be chosen by YOU through a contest or vote.

I’m so excited about the possibility of being your DAC…all I need is your support.

Vote ABBY for an ABBSOLUTELY fun-filled and exciting year!

Marcelo De Rada '14

Keeping the CMC traditions and social culture alive has always been a challenge to the DAC. It’s like a matador facing ten bulls with an audience thirsty for blood.  Now the arena lays empty, with the crowd thirstier than ever, and the bulls loaded with fury…and I’m thinking I’m ready to take the red cloak out, put the tight colored pants and take the next round.

With experiences in the South and the North, I am ready to take on the next big gig, and what better than to offer to you my energy and experience as the next DAC. Now, let’s get to what needs to get done:

- TNCs need a makeover. It was what made us avoid Friday classes and what distinguished the weekends starting on Thursday afternoons at CMC. Dressing up, having events and competitions, TNC was the only place to be on Thursdays, and it must become that way again. This is our tradition, and it needs a REVIVAL.

- Rising in the ranks from a TNC goer to a TNC manager also rises the opportunity of creating new traditions that you just dream could last for the next century. Why not start new events? I present to you Hiroshima, a night of endless sake bombast Sushi Cruise to be followed by a celebration that can nuke your mind and body and wish you never enrolled in that Friday 8 am class at Keck. New events can be created, and with greater openness to those in the other 4C’s. Bring them out, I will work towards opening the seas to our events for them.

From the Andes to America, I dedicate this year to you. This is a campaign for more, for better, for you. Vote De Rada for DAC.


· Class of 2016 Presidential Candidates ·

Iris Liu 

Hey y’all! Aside from my dashing good looks, I hold many qualifications to be your Frez. I was Frosh Prez in high school, at a school of about 1300 and I’ve held a number of other leadership positions. I’ve learned through student government on ASB creative ways to promote class unity and I have so much in store for us. Parties are important here at CMC, but I can promise good sober times too! A few of my non-alcoholic event ideas include Java Jam, Waffle/Karaoke (Waffleoke) Night, Open Mic, Food Challenges, Golf Cart Fugitive…

Resume aside, I am addicted to coffee, really competitive at board games, and a musical theater wonk. I love all rec sports, spoken word, Elton John, n64, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, CSI, spicy food and spicy friends.  I also brought my Dnd dice to college.

Speaking of college…CMC kicks ass. Freshman year is defined by the friendships we had to put on hold when we left home and all the new potential relationships we now face. My mission is to make this transition not only easier, but a hell of a lot of fun. In my extensive research in the last month, I have gathered the following: We are all pretty cool kids here at CMC, and we should be friends. The trouble is, we’ve already made it through the first two weeks of shameless handshakes, “what’s your name, where are you from, where are you living,” and sitting down with other random lonely people. That was socially acceptable during Orientation, but now the cloud of desperation has mysteriously vanished. As Freshman Class President, I would combat our social anxiety and continue to introduce CMCers to one another, making CMC like home (only with better looking people and jello shots). Choose Liu and you can’t Lose!

Zachariah Oquenda

What’s up Class of 2016!

As THE class of 2016, we are unique – unique in that we have an amazing, diverse class of talented, intelligent, and, honestly, very attractive Stagthenas. To this unique class, I’d like to propose a set of challenges. I challenge our class to become more familiar with each other—you may be surprised whom you find. I challenge to throw better parties, to get higher turnouts, and to have more fun than ever before! I challenge this to be the case for the next four years. A challenge I wish to charge wholeheartedly.

So, I’ve asked around and some ideas are:

  • Replacing old water fountains with the newer, awesome automatic-water-bottle-filling fountains
  • Providing more community service projects
  • A party themed by “Let’s Get Weird” (what does that even mean, you ask!? –EXACTLY)
  • Freshmen Pride Party—a purely freshmen party with games, music, food, and hella fun! –(Possible after party   ;D)

These ideas originate from awareness and creativity of only a few individuals of our class. Imagine the multitude. What I mean here is that we all must be involved because we all are leaders and idealists in one way or another, and for this reason, as President, I’ll make myself available personally to each individual through a standard weekly meeting—like an open house where any freshman can come to meet me and discuss ideas, study, just chill and get to know me, or whatever.

Finally, if elected, I WILL need help. I want to form a team of freshmen to help me organize and plan, and if you want an opportunity to help make both your and our class’s ideas a reality, let’s do it together!

Don’t turn down a challenge! Vote Zachariah!

Lexee Brill

Hello fellow classmates. Ugh too formal, what's up guys? I know most of you reading this have other things you would like to get to so I'll keep out short and sweet. I feel I'm the best choice for your freshman class president because I have leadership experience in student government, I have great ideas for our class and I'm stoked to be YOUR president.

It is a common quality among CMC students to be a leader; however, I hold the unique ability to balance social presence and responsibility. In high school, I held the positions of Fundraiser and Club Chair, which entailed managing a budget of over $100,000 for a student population of 3,600 and coordinating club events respectively. Also, I started my own tutoring business while remaining vigilant in my academic and extracurricular activities. These are just a few of the many reasons why I feel qualified to be your frez.

On a lighter note, we all like to have fun, and some ideas that I've come across include: ice-block sledding, soapbox derby, beach bonfire, school-wide capture the flag, super bowl party with a giant projector, and an Accepted dream wall. But what I really want is the opinions of the freshman class of 2016, which consequently brings me to my last point.

As your president I would do everything in my power to make sure every member of the class of 2016 has a good freshman year experience. I'm very open-minded and I plan on highlighting this quality throughout my presidency. Another step I would take to promote a sense of community through our class would be to form a freshman committee with the sole responsibility of collecting ideas, suggestions, and criticisms.

I hope it didn't take you too long to read this, and I'm grateful for your time.

Keep it classy, never trashy, and vote Lexee Brill for class of 2016 Frez!

Lawrence Beall

Hey Class of 2016!

First things first, CMC is awesome; on top of that, our class is the most diverse, coolest, trendiest group to set foot on this campus - which is the reason I want to be your class President. Being your president this year is going to be a ton of fun for me! I am seriously excited to start working on planning laser-tag, bowling, pre-gaming, and more cool events for everyone! This year is going to be great.

I need you guys to vote for me, for a couple simple reasons, so hear me out:

1. Class Involvement - As president, my plan is to have an open “Freshman Forum” which allows non ASCMC members to have their ideas heard, without requiring unnecessary time commitments on you guys. It is really important that each and every one of you has a voice, because this is YOUR freshman year. Honestly, your ideas are really important to me; you definitely want a president who will listen to what you have to say.

2. Diversity - We have countless athletes, musicians, debaters, mock trial members, academic geniuses, volunteers, etc. in our class; our class actually NEEDS someone who is prepared to go beyond just party throwing, and go outside the lines to help facilitate support-networks for every “brand” of CMC student, regardless of what that might be.

In conclusion, I know I threw a lot of heavy stuff out there, but the main idea I want you to get out of this is that I am here to make this year FUN. My main philosophy in life is “no regrets.” We only get to be Freshmen ONCE, so we need to make it count!!!!

Lets go have some fun together.

Richard Zajac

What’s up class of 2016! I’m freshman Rich Zajac and I’m running for class president, and would love to introduce myself to you. I’m a fan of the arts and feel we need more opportunities and spaces to jam together.

I also support our sports teams and will make sure the bleachers stay packed by incentivizing attendance through food and other attractions. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about intramural and club sports either.

I know for many of us, parties are an important consideration, and I will make sure we can continue throwing biggest and best bashes. It has also come to my attention that the administration is considering taking a harder stance on alcohol and I want to make sure it remains an option, by finding ways to make parties safer (less danger=less camp sec=more fun). And for those of us that don’t drink, and I want to create more opportunities to socialize without alcohol. For example, I’d like to see monthly buses taking us to the beach or to ski or wherever else you might want to go.

Plus, I’m a doer, in just one month as dorm president I’m already hooking you guys up. I got a 70-inch TV for Phillips. Now imagine what I could do for you with the whole school behind me. I’ve been involved in student government for over six years and have worked my way from councilmember to class president at my high school so I know how to handle whatever comes our way.

We’ve only known each other a month but you guys already feel like family to me and I sincerely hope that you’ll choose me as your class president so that together, we can dream big and achieve even bigger.

You stay classy, CMC.

Rich P. Zajac

Ted Hall

Hey friends, I’m Ted Hall and clearly I am running to be your Freshman Class President.  In the few weeks we’ve been here I have already come to love CMC and everything about it.  Getting to know everyone, made me want to run to represent you all, and with that said here is why I would love you vote:

Freshman Only Events:  Everyone of course will be campaigning on this, because it’s important for our class to get to know each other cause we’re just at the start of our fantastic four years here.  Some ideas people have approached me with are class trips, whether that be to the beach for the day, giant capture the flag games, weekend snack parties, we’ll bring whatever you want to you.

Approachability:  I’m not even sure if that’s a word, but I’ve always been a nice guy and I would love to hear your ideas.  My role will be to represent our class on the ASCMC student government board and to take any thoughts or concerns you have and bring them up.  I’m in the Dirty Berg, centrally located on campus so I’m equal distance from where ever you are on campus.

Ultimately, I want our class to have the best year ever, and if you think I’m the guy for it, I would love your vote.  So get out to snack on Monday to hear our speeches and don’t forget to vote Tuesday!

Ben Turner
Class of 2016, my name is Ben Turner. Some know me as Benedict (my first name), others by Big Ben, or just Ben. Maybe you’ve seen around campus or met me, because I’m kind of hard to miss (for those wondering, I’m 6’6).Why am I running for the position of Freshman Class President?It’s simple: In my short time here at CMC, I’ve fallen in love with the school and the students I’ve met. I had an amazing WOA trip group and met a lot of people during Orientation. I won’t pretend to know everyone, but collectively, I can confidently say everyone I’ve met has made me consecutively happier to be attending this amazing college. I want to be able to serve as a voice for our class and represent us on ASCMC, as well as ensure we have a ton of fun!What do I hope to achieve as Freshman Class President?

I’m a big believer in communication, dialogue and openness. I’m someone you can talk to at any point, whether eating at Collins, partying it up at a TNC or just around campus.

If elected, my goals would be to further strengthen and diversify the bond we’ve already formed as a class by throwing parties and hosting events and making sure your FOMO is replaced with a strong feeling of YOLO.

I want to form a Freshman Class Council, to make sure that everyone’s awesome ideas and broadcast and that our first year at the college is the best it possibly can be!

Finally, to rep our Stag Swag, I think we’re in definite need of some Class of 2016 tanks and merchandise!

So on election day, stand out, rise to the occasion and go big or go home! Vote for Ben and we’ll reach new heights!