Committee Members Update Senate on Presidential Search

David Mgrublian '82 P '11, chairman of the CMC's Presidential Search Committee, and Aditya Pai '13, ASCMC President and student representative on the committee, came to ASCMC Senate on Monday.

The search committee, which was announced in May, is expected to help the college seat a new president by June 2013.

According to Mgrublian, the 15 member search committee has completed the first phase of its mission, the “Definition” phase, in which they sought to define CMC in the context of its history and determine the qualities required for its new president.

Mgrublian announced that the committee's deliberations have produced a document, the Opportunity and Challenge Profile, which, according to Mgrublain, will be used as both a marketing tool to pursue candidates and as a way for the committee to assess candidates.

The document includes a synopsis of the college's history, a discussion of its culture and a list of qualities the committee wants to see in a new president.

"No candidate will fit all the characteristics,” admitted Pai. “But those are the things we are looking for.” In total, the qualities on the list describe “God on a good day,” joked Mgrublian.

While discussing the document, both Pai and Mgrublian emphasized the need for feedback from students.

“The committee values student opinions. As student representative, they have respected my comments," said Pai. "But that's not enough. You need to go to meetings and give feedback on the website," he urged.

Mgrublian reiterated this point, noting that comments about the document could be made anonymously online.

During a question and answer period, Mgrublian and Pai addressed a number of concerns from student senators. When asked if the college would be looking internally for candidates, Mgrublian said that the college “is looking inside the community and outside, as well as within and outside academia in general.” He added: “we're looking worldwide.”

When asked if fundraising ability, one of the listed qualities, would be one of the primary measurements of a good candidate, Mgrublian said that it would. “Many of our challenges going forward are financial. It is very important that the president of the college be able to raise money. They have to have a vision, and be able to convey that vision to donors.”

Students can read to the Opportunity and Challenge Profile on the Presidential Search Committee's website and can submit feedback here.

Additionally, an open forum for students to discuss the document with committee members will be held from 3 to 4pm in Bauer Forum this Friday.