The New Splash of the CMC Summer Renovations

This summer, CMC continues its progress along the Campus Master Plan with renovations to the North Mall of campus. The “North Mall” is the area located east of the Kravis Center, which stretches from The Hub and the Athenaeum up to Heggblade. The area is being renovated to comply more with the general design of campus, as well as to better accommodate the foot traffic that passes through this area on a daily basis.


The east-west walking pathway has been expanded, and seating areas have been created—ones that are compliant with the outdoor living culture of CMC. The renovations aim to make the area more handicap accessible and environmentally conscientious. To allow for handicap access to McKenna Auditorium, Emmett Student Center, The Hub, and Heggblade, a universal elevation is being installed so that access is no longer restricted to Ninth Street. New bike racks will also be installed to provide convenient parking for students using the North Mall facilities.

In addition, new outdoor classrooms are being installed on the north and south sides of the Mall to utilize the beautiful, yearlong climate that CMC has to offer.


A lot of effort has been put into making the campus aesthetically contiguous with the other surrounding campuses. A part of this effort has been to utilize and emphasize the beautiful oak trees that are prevalent on campus. Some of the non-indigenous Italian Stone Pine trees, which were located in areas where they were crowding out the preferred oaks and posing a safety threat, have been removed.


The beloved fountain, home to many birthday pondings and parties celebrating the end of thesis, is no more. But CMC is not turning its back on integral traditions; it is merely updating them. The new fountain will be five pools in a line, from east to west.

The pools will alternate between three deeper pools, “with the same capabilities for ponding,” according to Frank Perri, director of construction at CMC, and two shallower pools with decorative jets spouting water.

Simply because there are five pools does not mean you will have to make a trek all the way around just to get to the other side. Between the pools will be places to cross, not to mention places to sit and enjoy the sounds of flowing water and bask in the beautiful Southern California sunshine. A patio on the north side of the Athenaeum will allow for outdoor seating within the vicinity of the sensual sound of flowing water.

The new design also had foot traffic in mind. There will be an additional 13 feet of space for students to traverse on their way to class.

Although it is always sad to see something familiar go, the new fountain will allow more people to splash and play after they turn in their thesis, as well as make a grander impression on all would-be CMCers and returning CMCers alike.


The last major change that students will see when they return to campus in August is the re-sodding of Parent’s Field, which was leveled and updated with an improved irrigation system for greater sustainability.

The summer work can be well summed up in the words of Buzz Yudell, a principal of Moore Ruble Yudell Architects (the firm chosen for the Master Plan design process): “This isn’t a plan that re-imagines everything from scratch. It builds on what’s there.”

Every effort has been made to maintain the same overall design for campus. Campus will be ready by the end of August—just in time for students coming back to bask in all of the renovated, beautiful glory.