Kravis Center Honored at LA Architectural Awards

Nobody is allowed to make fun of the Kravis Center anymore. Last week, the Los Angeles Business Council honored the building in the Los Angeles Architectural Awards, a ceremony that “honors cutting edge design in the Los Angeles Region.” Projects selected for inclusion in the awards ceremonies ranged from restaurants to schools to single-family homes. The LAist has compiled a gallery of pictures of all of the winning projects here. The Kravis Center won an Education Award in the Private Education category. The Council described it as follows:

“Also known as the “glass living room,” the 169,000 square-foot Kravis Center was deliberately designed without a central public space or lobby, but shares an outdoor, all-glass space with the rest of the west campus. A critical design component was the facility’s transparency, both as a way to use Southern California’s natural daylight to greatest advantage and to visually integrate indoor and outdoor activities. The building creates a prominent western gateway and expands the campus mall along its main axis, improving CMC both aesthetically and with regard to electricity use, earning the Center a LEED Silver rating.”

The Council also presented Pomona College’s Sontag and Pomona Halls with awards, though excessively competitive CMCers can take solace in the fact that the Kravis Center’s award came before Pomona’s in the press release (though that may be more of a consequence of the alphabet than of anything else).

Despite all this, however, the first result for the Kravis Center when you search for it on Google is a Performing Arts Center in Florida. Perhaps the next PR task for the Kravis Center should be to inflate its SEO rankings a bit.