Style ID: Freshmen Edition

It’s the end of November, and the weather is finally cooling down. That can only mean one thing: winter fashion is here! Guess what that means CMCers? It's time to bring out those fabulous winter boots that you have been dying to sport! Contrary to public opinion that CMC is not the most fashionable of the 5Cs, our bro tank and UGG boot style has definitely evolved. I caught up with Hannah Hummelberg '16, and she most certainly knows how to defy the CMC stereotype. The CMC freshman, a California girl, manages to look fashionable for any occasion, rain or shine. Looking effortlessly stylish, Hannah chatted with me about her winter must-haves, style inspiration, and love of fashion.

Hannah, you’re looking adorable as usual. Tell me what you’re wearing:

I’m wearing a white Free People lace scarf, a Walter Baker caramel knitted sweater, Chestnut Frye boots, and J-brand original skinny dark wash jeans. I am also wearing a Chan Luu bracelet.

What is one thing that you are most looking forward to wearing as the weather gets cooler?

Definitely all of my boots because I really don’t like open-toed shoes that much, and most of mine are closed-toe. The colder weather allows me to wear all my boots with cute knitted socks—and on the rare occasion, my Hunter rain boots, but that never happens here in SoCal.

If you had to list essential pieces of clothing or accessories that you couldn’t live without, what would they be?

I could never live without sundresses. In the winter I like to wear them with boots, tights, and cardigans, and then in the summer I wear them with sandals or my Clarks, which I love! I love my crop tops as well! I like pairing them with high-waisted bottoms because it shows just the right amount of skin without it being too scandalous. I also love my Frye boots. They are so comfortable and can be worn with everything! Lastly, I could not live without my leather backpack that I got in Paris for my sixteenth birthday!

What inspires your personal style?

What I don’t do is pay attention to stereotypical styles. Rather, I pick out things that I like and throw them together. I don’t try to dress preppy or trendy; I just kind of wear what I like. I try not to pay attention just to fads of clothing and instead wear what I find personally attractive.

What is your biggest fashion DON’T?

One thing that my mom taught me: only expose one thing. You don’t wear a super low cut shirt with super short shorts. You want to keep things to the imagination, so you come off as effortlessly chic and not unbecoming. I am also not a fan of the jeans and flip-flops look... They are meant to be worn at the beach. Probably my biggest fashion DON’T is wearing trends just because they are trends instead of wearing them because they work for your body type. It is more important for things to fit you well rather than be trendy because otherwise they won’t be flattering. For me, I know that boyfriend jeans don’t fit my body well, and even though I think they are so cute, I could never make them work.

What does a person’s style say about him or her?

For me, I am not good at art, so this is how I am able to express my aesthetic interests in a more creative way. I think style shows how people want the world to perceive them, and it is a way they are able to project themselves to society.

In the short time that you’ve been here, what would you say defines CMC’s fashion sense?

I’ve noticed that most of all my friends and classmates have been stepping it up and dressing up for class, which I find really attractive. I have been able to get a couple of cute tips from my friends. There is no fashion in just wearing plain sweats everyday. I’ve seen a lot of cute skirt-and-sweater combinations for the current weather that we are experiencing, and we are all used to wearing sundresses for the warm weather, but a lot of people are using scarfs, sweaters, and boots to help transition into the cooler temperatures. I’ve heard that CMC is a stereotyped bro tank school, but I have seen a lot of cute, classy outfits. If you are confident in what you wear, then you will be able to pull it off, so don’t doubt your ability!