10 Things I Forgot I Learned as a Freshman

Freshman year I learned a lot. Some lessons I learned the hard way, like don’t open your door at midnight on your December birthday. Some were less brutal, like the moment I realized that you can always find free food somewhere on campus. But the other day, I overheard the pure joy in a freshman’s voice when she discovered pasta bar at Pitzer, and another day, the confusion of a freshman boy upon seeing an older, suit-clad man at TNC. John Faranda and the deliciousness of Pitzer lunch are things I take for granted after spending two years here, but I forgot the moments of exasperation and joy I experienced freshman year as I began to discover the secrets and routines of CMC.

10 things I forgot I learned as a freshman:

1. Squirrels will not move out of your way Freshman year, I remember being shocked when squirrels challenged me by refusing to relinquish their territory on the path to Phillips. Since then, I remain convinced that squirrels at CMC are some of the most courageous that exist. Just walk around the squirrel, because it probably will not move.

2. Collins has a Panini machine. And waffle makers. And a microwave. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been grabbing a cup in Collins and overheard someone say, “Wait, there’s a microwave?!” Yes. There is. I recommend microwaving banana bread with peanut butter on it. The waffle makers are also incredibly underrated. Don’t forget to use the no-stick spray, though, because that can cause quite a bit of embarrassment.

3. The Motley This was one of my finest discoveries as a freshman. Not only is it a great place to do work or meet a friend to catch up, but it has recently branched out significantly in terms of its food options and variety. The blended chai is a personal favorite, but their creative coffee drinks are also fun to try. Goodbye, flex.

4. It does rain here The first time it rained here freshman year, everything I had learned in my eighteen years of life in San Francisco was lost. I was confused and thrown off, feeling betrayed by the 85 degree sunshine I had grown accustomed to. Don’t be alarmed; just borrow a rain jacket from one of your friends from the Pacific Northwest, and enjoy the chance to wear long sleeves.

5. You can get anything and everything funded by Jim Nauls The man’s powers are not limited to his skills with the caps-lock key. Use your resources! If you ask, there’s a very good chance that you can get funded.

6. Everyone goes to Coachella

Campus will empty out significantly the weekend of Coachella. If you can’t go, or just don’t want to, this is a great time to visit a friend at another school nearby or catch up on your work.

7. Collins is good for more than just World Wok and Taco Tuesday Collins also provides pack-out lunches and breakfasts for off-campus events. If you want BBQ materials, snacks, or fruit, all you have to do is ask Madeline. They gave four of my friends twenty bagels for a three-day trip to Stagecoach, among other things. This is a great way to use your meals instead of spending extra money on weekend adventures.

8. You will see everyone again You will see everyone you meet again. This is even more likely if you tripped in front of them, dropped something, or they overheard you telling a particularly embarrassing story. In fact those people have been known to have a much higher likelihood of being your lab partner or co-worker. Although this is a good thing to keep in mind as you walk around campus, it’s something you simply have to get over because everyone is in the same boat.

9. Go to Ath tea on the half hour Bummed that they’re out of chocolate strawberries? They put out new food on the half hour, and they are very precise about it. So get there at 3:28 and shove your way to that prime spot in front of the table. Don’t be ashamed of timing your walk to make sure you get your sugar fix.

10. You must call ahead for sliders

Some Crust is a crown jewel of the village. But I learned early that you cannot show up and expect your egg sliders in a timely manner. Call them in before you go; maybe even keep a menu in your dorm room. And whatever you do, don’t forget the chipotle ranch.