8:27 Procrastination: Remember Craigslist?

8:27 Procrastination is an ongoing Forum series which aims to provide current students with a bit of distraction during long nights in the lab.  Since 2010, the series has provided light-hearted viral content during midterm week. It has featured everything from Kayne West to inspirational speeches for thesis writers.  Freshman Manav Kohli '16 will be continuing the series. Hey y'all, my name is Manav, and this is my first 8:27 post.  I'm Indian, my favorite color is blue (though I'm partial to brown), and I waste a lot of time on the Internet.

Remember Craigslist? I do. Back in the day people took it pretty seriously and treated it as a legitimate marketplace, but nowadays sections like "Community" and "Personals" take away from its seriousness. Who really has faith that his soul mate is lying await somewhere across the way on Craigslist? StachePassions, a site dedicated to "singles with a passion for the Stache," probably has more users. For those who still have faith in the Craigslist personal section's seriousness, perhaps this will sway you in the other direction—or make you have more respect for it. Bask in the absurdity of these posts, which were chosen from Portland's Craigslist for hipster action.

Artist Needed. Must Love Owls.

Demon Gypsy Couch

Horse in a hotel

Cat Holder Downer

Magic Witch Cookbox

Lifetime Supply of Hot Sauce 

Pet Cat for Hire (a post by someone, a human, willing to be someone else's pet cat)

In other news, most of you know it's election week, if for no other reason because your Facebook newsfeed is probably blowing up with opinionated posts from kids you went to high school with or your parents' friends. For all those looking for relief from all the politics, here's a "roses are red" poem. Its only relevance is the words "red" and "blue."  Below that are some words of wisdom from former Major League Baseball player Oscar Gamble.