Style I.D.: Bringin' It Back

While living in the apartments, way far away from what I've come to call "main campus," I've noticed there seems to be a disproportionate number of black suits, thrown-on-at-the-last second sweatshirts and sweatpants, and, of course, a sea of the ubiquitous flip-flop.  Oh, and how could I forget; the workout attire we rarely make it to the gym in (personally guilty...many times)! Unfortunately, this might be what CMC style has come to be known as. We may have a reputation for bright and healthy students, nabbing great internships and jobs and having a fun atmosphere, but we're definitely not known to express these things creatively, particularly through style. I, for one, know many a Stagathena who boast great personal style, and I refuse to accept this! So we've decided to bring the much loved Style I.D. column back to show what y'all have to offer. Style, not necessarily fashion (keeping up with trends/runway seasons) shows confidence and knowing yourself well enough to express individuality in what you wear. That being said, I spotted the lovely Karima Merchant '13 walking back to her apartment and felt she was a great start to highlighting a parade of excellent style on campus.


Karima, who reps Dallas, Texas, possesses an effortless but put together feminine feel. Her rolled-up chambray shirt, burgundy tiered skirt, and patterned flats are the perfect pieces for (finally) transitioning into fall.

Karima, you're looking nice today, tell me what you're wearing.

My skirt is from Brandy Melville, my new obsession since visiting their store in San Francisco over Fall Break. The top is a basic from Banana Republic. My tote is from Michael Kors, and my jewelry is an assortment of gifts and thrift shop finds.

What is your style inspiration?

Fringe, pleather, zippers, and surprise cutouts. Or, in other words, something to throw an outfit off a little bit and make it interesting.

What article of clothing could you not live without?

My electric blue pea coat from Zara in Spain. It was love at first sight thanks to my favorite shopping and study abroad companion, Brooke Nayden.

Who on campus do you think has great style?

Jason Jeffery... Career Services, holla!

What's your biggest style DON'T?

Crocs and flip flops with socks, ugh.

If CMC were an article of clothing, what would it be?

A bro tank for sure, is that even a question?

Which other of the 5Cs do you think has the best style?
Pitzer, I like their hippie vibe.