Announcing the Great Claremont Meme Contest

The Forum is pleased to bring you the first Great Claremont Meme Contest.

What's a meme?  The esteemed Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a meme as "an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture."  In the twenty-first century, that translates to "gets a lot of attention on social media" or "if Pam Gann had a Facebook, I'd post this on her wall."

The modern meme consists a snapshot with clever white text placed on the top and bottom.  There are classics like 'Philosoraptor' and 'Lazy College Senior.'

No photoshop skills are required.  Memes can be easily created with the help of or If you're looking for inspiration, check out the 5C Meme Facebook Page.

The Forum is looking for Claremont's wittiest, silliest meme.  Make us laugh.

Official Rules

1. One meme per 5C student is permitted. 2. The meme must be related to Claremont. 3. Memes must be submitted to by Sunday, October 28. UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED through next Sunday, November 4. 4. The top 10 Memes will be compiled by Forum meme experts and posted on the Forum.  The overall winner will be voted on and selected by the Claremont community. 5. Meme submissions must comply with the Forum's comment policy, which is located on the bottom of our 'About Us' page.

The prize? A $30 gift certificate to Some Crust Bakery in the Claremont Village.  That's, like, fifteen egg sliders.

Happy meme-ing!