Monte Carlo 101

It’s that wonderful time of year again. We’re a little over a month in, settling into classes, with midterms and papers upon us, and soon this 100 degree heat will make way for a milder, sweater-friendly climate. Ringing in this fall season, Monte Carlo awaits just around the corner, and this year we have a particularly enticing and chic individual hosting: The Great Gatsby. It seems that the guests will have a tall order to fill. So what should you wear to an event where the host and his on-again, off-again girlfriend look like this? Here are some tips to incorporating the theme for the here and now. For the ladies: Haven’t found a dress yet? Take a cue from Daisy. This is a great time to put that LBD to  good use, try out that red polish and lipstick, and incorporate some lace, sequins, pleats, and perhaps some pearls. No one expects you to adhere to a strict 1920s dress code, but keeping tradition is always a good bet. Colors and cuts that are classic and flattering to you will always be best. Here are some online options that will get you the bang for your buck:










Another great online option is Rent the Runway. You can sign up for free and rent a designer dress for a couple of days for a fraction of the price. Want to see dresses in person and have the option of trying them on?  Head over to local malls Montclair Plaza, Victoria Gardens, or Ontario Mills. No transportation? Walk to the village and check out local shops Nectar, Amelie, or the numerous vintage shops that boast an amazing array of unique pieces.

For the Guys: Dark suits, white shirts, and plain ties are great for your interview with Deloitte, but for this event, switch it up a little. Here are a few inspirational looks:











Add some color, wear a funky tie, maybe mimic that white suit you thought was such a great idea for prom? Or maybe not. Keep it simple and classic, but think about incorporating something that shows off your individual style—something that stands out. Throw on a hat, wear a colorful or printed pocket square, and get a little flashy. It’s okay to do…the host does it.

If you don’t own a suit already I’d take this opportunity to invest in one, considering you’ll most likely need it for interviews anyway! If now is not the time, though, there should at least be a few places nearby where you can rent one. Good luck and  happy hunting all!