Class of 2012: Six-Word Memoirs

Wise goddess settles for male deer. How do you sum up four years in six words?

Before leaving Camp Claremont for good, members of the Class of 2012 were asked to leave behind a 'six-word memoir.' The project was organized by Senior Class President Mary Doyle '12. In an email to the class, Doyle told students, "You have six words: define yourself, give a life summary, tell a joke, reflect on CMC, capture a revealing moment, whatever." Over 175 seniors responded.

Some are silly; some are poignant. But without further ado, here are the six-word memoirs for CMC's Class of 2012:

Bright lights, big city, bigger hair. - Erica Bellman

One day, these squirrels will kill. - Heidi Carlson

Crescit Civitas Post Six-Oh-One Noctu. - Will Brown

Qualified in small-talk at cocktail parties! - Dani Spencer

Don't say no to scary things. - Daniel Izcovich

Really? German history? Do something practical. - Michelle Kahn

Don't work. Be hated. Love someone. - Dave Meyer

Still haven't visited Baghdad. Mogadishu next. - Chase Gray

Please ring this up as beer. - Drew Oetting

Another dance floor, another mozzarella stick. - Ed LaCava

APAM missed out on this HAPA! - Michela Isono

Keck Science: home away from home. - Michele Barnhill

Don't think twice, it's all right. - Eric Bean

Still down for Green Card marriage. - C. Diggory Rycroft

Long way down the holiday road. - Eric Johnson

We lived, and we kinda learned. - Caitlin Feeney

Gym. Tan. Lax. Eat. Pray. Love. - Aravind Swaminathan

Learned a lot.  Not from class. - Cameron Conley

Still have not learned to drive. - Carlos Rivas

Why am I a science major? - Eric King

Laughs loudest. Gives the biggest hugs. - Michelle Brody

Work hard, play hard, smile often. - Seth Winterroth

Slept so little. Dreamt so much. - Shahrzad Nikoo

Small town raised. Had to leave. - April Weathers

Just agree with me, it's faster. - Sonia Aggarwal

Nerdy birdy gets a bit wordy. - Paige Costello

Everything you never imagined. Then some. - Sope Adegoke

I am going classy this year. - Aria Krumwiede

Keep learning -- specialization is for insects. - Elena Davert

Submitted thesis five minutes before deadline - Aaron Haas

Can't wait for the next adventure. - Abby Trimble

Bright Sun, Blue Skies, Green Beach! - Stephanie Ramos

Retired from tap dancing -- only temporarily. - Mary B. Doyle

A mad man with a box - Supallav Baksi-Lahiri

Life philosophy: treat yo'self. That's it. - Susie Lee

Discovered cure to cancer. Just kidding. - Sam Ullman

I will miss Collins Bistro. Dank-City. - Kevin MacPherson

Pearls and golden life. - Aisling Scott

“Just for a ride, Connie sweetheart.” - Katarina Broeksmit

The best four year party ever. - Alex Curtis

My happiest place on earth: CMC. - Sara Reed

Here I am - or am I? - Sara Stern

I want to ride my bicycle. - Jordan Rosenberg

Read it, roll it, hole it. - Lauren Buchanan

CMC motto: What doesn't deserve celebrating? - Brant Kersten

Don't really care... yes I do. - Zeben Kopchak

Study break! Is In n' Out still open? - Brianna Losoya

I can't!  Wait... I already did?! - Lauren Yeske

Bro at times, no at times. - Jonah Chodosh

What if we played outside instead? - Leah Bross

Let's do work in the sun. - Sarah Fenn

No, I don't believe I did. - Patrick Paterson

You only live once: do it! - Yaneli Ruiz

May the force be with you. - Brian Hoffstein

Never weary of one more ridge. - Patrick Rooney

There's always time for impromptu adventures. - Yekaterina Vaydylevich

Swam a lot, but laughed more. - Katie Bilotti

I have everything I've ever wanted. - Paul Jeffrey

Friends get me through, coffee too. - Maren Hotvedt

I'm more radical than you think. - Jake Petzold

Smart enough to know no better. - Joshua Bowling

Don't care. Hands in the air. - Jamie Kim

People think I'm weird...they're right. - Jason Rehhaut

"All I learn is always wrong" - Whitney Dawson

Followed my heart.  Found the good. - Marissa Gaulton

Ah, there's no place like om. - Julia Starr

When enthusiasm boils over, embrace it. - Mark Munro

Brah, I stay one haole boy. - Peter Meyer

Heroes get remembered, legends never die! - Cameron Cain

Strangely enough, you'll probably see me. - Prashant Fonseka

Out to lunch. Be back later. - Rachel Brody

Shut up and grab a beer. - Eddie Mills

Six words is hardly enough to  - John-Clark Levin

You can't miss what you forget. - John Bedecarré

Wait, is it time for snack? - Elica Sharifnia

Five-years-old, in both heart and height. - Julia Nishioka

Many many many many raspberry mochas. - Meagan Biwer

Live like you're always in NQ. - Kathleen West

 I'm at scripps pool, come join! - Megan MacColl

 Vancouver's rain... Whistler's fresh-tracks! Carpe Diem. - Avery Holland

Why? Do it for the story! - Ben Salzman

Why? Do it for the story! - Ryan Gillis

It was too short, but great. - Ivan Gutierrez

I'm worth more than six words. - Tina Bergess

Some of us have track tomorrow. - Tom Boerigter

Make time to enjoy the present. - Tova Markowitz

Let's laugh until we can't anymore. - Catye Cantrall

No job? Escape to grad school! - Blake Bennett

running, country music, lattes, science, life. - Megan Smith

Note to self: life goes on. - Alex Saslaw

Maybe I should've gone to Pitzer? - Julian Martinez

 Non mihi non tibi sed nobis - Justin Spitzer

"Six words?  Challenge accepted." - Matt Morton

Drunk Fairy. Administering Advil to all. - Kacie Curd

Smiling my way through every day. - Alex Wheatley

Thank you to all my friends! - Matt Varghese

Found my true calling. Wasn't economics. - Chantal Hoang

all the best lessons, never intentional. - Alexa Teevens

Small but mighty...Give me grapes! - Ali Abramovitz

Fell off a chair and persevered. - Megha Maniar

Always late but worth the wait. - Katie Punsly

lead tomorrow. bad-life-choices today. they're fun. - Meya Annamalai

Honi soit qui mal y pense - Jeffrey Kang

Double-Screens, NY Prep Problems, Honorary Cougar - Erica Libby

I eat. I pray. I love. - Cecilia Ledesma

I can't count to six. - ChangKe Bao

I need more than six words! - Erin Franks

Gotta go to the farmer's market! - Franccesca Kazerooni

Life is short, boogie down dancing. - Ellen Pickrell

Activism, academia and poverty for life. - Chelsee Cox

Sorry I can't. I have lab. - Grace Beck

Passionately attaching new dreams to deadlines. - Jason Soll

Three-Two? Two Sports? One Biscuit! - Matthew Laredo

I didn't expect so many squirrels. - Jay Tymkovich

Wohlford, I'll always f*cking own you. - Greg Zahner

Brighten your corner of the world. - Jessica Torres

"I have sand in my eyes." - Hank Handtmann

Dear Friends, Love you! Hugs, Hannah - Hannah Gordon

Taking what the water gave me. - Ching Tung

Did a bit o'learnin', Go Ducks!- Max Chambers

Retired athlete, but still welcomes carbs.- Jen Ringoen

postgrad hopes: health, happiness, never stopping. - Jennifer Baute

Need to be more concise with - Jeremy B. Merrill

Good places, better people, never settle! - Jeremy Cheung

Leezy grinds hard. Laker for life. - Michael Lee

"Now Leaving Camp Claremont." God, help! - Jessica Mao

Have you heard about my documentary?? - Chris Temple

Not an athlete? Please leave now. - Rachel Bunting

You can run, you can't hide. - Jillian Raftery

OMG! If my life was normal!! - Saumya Lohia

No quarter asked. No quarter given. - Rio Fischer

Do it for the kids! - Heath Hyatt

Hiccuping artist masquerading as a scientist. - Rebecca Salzman

Act as if you'll never fail. - Rishabh Parekh

Entered IR major; leaving French/Gov. - Heather Siegel

Cool, cool. Let's rock it poppet! - Maira Mercado

Wouldn't be here without my family. - Ronald Hirokawa

the dude abides....the dude abides. - Christian Paullin

Hey look guys! It's Jackie Chan! - Katie Redman

Life's beginning: HURRY, HURRY, HURRY. - Christina Khavarian

Stags Baseball: biggest characters on campus. - David Ulrich

large extra-hot mexican hot chocolate to-go. - Courtney Woods

Print this on Eggshell in Romalian-type. - Rosabella Magat

You can never read too much. - Mika Kasuga

Back to the Motherland.  Once Again. - Kelsey O'Neal

Studying, a little science, and love. - Monica Neuman

Phillips Hall. 4 AM. Small Lounge. - Harvey Liu

It's not home without the mountains. - Ryan Shaffer

No excuses. Play like a champion. - Joey Anderson

Maine Bred, California Groomed, Bi-Coastal Swag. - Nicholas Wright

Relying on luck's worked so far...- Elliot Godzich

Indian Heart. Californian soul. Global thinking.- Inayat Chaudhry

Life is tragically short; be happy! - Jacob Kass

Never underestimate the power of laughter. - Emily Hudson

It's only alcoholism after we graduate! - Amanda Castillo

1st Annual Tricycle Race cancelled!! RAIN!!!!! - Emma Jones

Curiosity has yet to kill me. - Andrew Yandell

Life rules: bangs first, safety second. - Emily Nordhoff

No, I'm the other black one. - Anastasia Jones

My life you are passing through. - Emma McConville

I promise: Not from the South. - Nick Thompson

Baby, we were born to run. - Kevin Potterton

Instead of just reading about adventures...- Angel Quicksey

Why limit happy to an hour? - Kristina Norrgard

Life's unpredictable, but good. Enjoy it. - Kwendy Lau

I'll drink to that. And that. - Lacey Mclean

Can I have, like, six ranch? - Lauren Ballard


Could only think of five. #kravisprize - Noah Proser

People are just people, I guess. - Olivia Uranga

Started out hustlin' / ended up ballin'. - Sam Mitchell

My hair did all the work. - Crystal Adams

Mary,  I'm writing thesis right now. - Tracy Kao

But when's the next day party? - Dana Staley

CMC backwards is still CMC. Amen! - Sasi Desai

Congratulations, Class of 2012!