Signing off

Are you sure you want to sign out of It's a simple question that Google loves to ask me. Unfortunately, Google doesn't have a button for "I'm not really sure, I mean...I feel like I am. But maybe it just hasn't hit me yet. Am I really ready for this?" "I mean, I feel like I should be. I've followed the prescribed CMC regimen pretty closely, and from what I know about CMC alumni, it seems reasonable to think that things are going to be OK. I did fairly well in my classes at CMC. I got involved on campus. I've made an incredible group of friends here. I had some cool internships during the summer. I went to TNC. I've been ponded. I've been to Baldy. I've been to the Ath so many times I can pretty much generate the taste of the salmon in my mouth at will.

"And it looks like I've got a lot to look forward to. There's a great job and great friends waiting for me in San Francisco.

"All these things make it pretty easy to project an outward appearance to my parents and others that I'm ready. And to laugh and tell all my classmates and fellow CMCers that 'I'm not ready! I could never leave. I LOVE CMC!' But the reality is somewhere in between, and it involves a lot of introspection."

I guess that's a lot for Google to squeeze into one button. The beauty of college is that I don't get to waffle in real life. Senior week flew by, and tomorrow, May 12, Dean Hess is going to call my name, and that'll be it. The rest of my life is real life, whether I like it or not.

My favorite quote of all time is from Robert Louis Stevenson's first book, An Inland Voyage. To close the book, he writes,

The most beautiful adventures are not those we go to seek.

One last piece of advice. I have loved writing about technology for the Forum for the past year, and I hope that I've shared at least one thing you've found helpful. I love my computer, my phone, and my iPad. But I love my time away from them even more. Leaving my phone at home when I go to my girlfriend's, leaving it in the car when I go to the gym, not getting reception up on Baldy—those are the peaceful moments with which no amount of Netflix or Reddit can compete. Don't become a Luddite, but make sure you spend some time unplugged.