8:27 Procrastination: Brocrastination

Contrary to its title, this article will not be full of bro-links. It will still be your usual 8:27. Here's your morning dose; we're going with a random payout schedule from now on. Like you're going to need another addiction to cope with during finals week.  Vocabulary of the Week: Bro Portmanteaus


Update your brocabulary with the most popular and latest portmanbros. For the Econ majors, a portmanteau is a combination of two (or more) words into one new word.

Music Discovery Tool of the Week: Band of the Day (iPhone/iPad)

Band of the Day

free app that brings you a new band each day in a digital magazine form, along with reviews of the band's music and full streams of its top songs and videos. It's a great app for keeping in the know of which bands are currently cool to know.

Smart Move of the Week: Mac Rumors Buyers Guide

Apple Buyers Guide

This website provides an easy to understand product summary for the current product cycle of each Apple product and provides a summary of currently available rumors for each model. What this means is, you check this site before buying your next MacBook or iPad so that you aren't the chump with the obsolete model one month later.

YouTube Channel of the Week:


It's hard to determine whether this man is brilliant or crazy. Either way, the beatbox-based music he makes is entertaining, spontaneous, and complex. Watch this one to understand his process, and then go back to the link above to get your fix.

  His recorded live performances are also entertaining to watch because of the comedic way he interacts with the crowd. If you haven't heard of him until now, you can catch up on the six years' worth of his material floating around the internet.

Student Photograph of the Week: Sean McQueen '13