Senior Class Superlatives 2012

On Wednesday, April 25, the Class of 2012 gathered in the Athenaeum for an evening of celebration. On the schedule of events was the class photo, CMC Jeopardy with John Faranda, and, of course, the announcement of the Senior Superlatives. Here is what they voted: Best Person to Share a Desert Island With: Michael Lapadot

Most Dreamed About: Katie Bonneau

Friendliest: Taylon Johnson

Most Likely to Have a CMC Building Named After Them: Alex Berman

Most Likely to Suggest Beer Pong at Their First Work-Related Cocktail Party: Eddie Mills

Poppa Power Couple: Mark Munro & Erica Libby

Most Likely to Become a CMC Professor: Jake Petzold



Most Likely to #OccupyWallStreet: Dan Evans


Most Likely to Stick with TFA: Carlos Rivas

Most Likely to Take Over the World: Dana Staley & Drew Oetting (together)

Best All-Around: Kevin Macpherson & Elena Davert


Most Likely to Be at Pirate Party Next Year: Seth Winterroth



Best Hair: Christian Paullin & Erica Bellman



Best Dressed: Chase Gray & Mika Kasuga



Renaissance Man & Woman: Julia Starr & Dave Meyer



 Most Changed: Susie Lee & Diggory Rycroft



 Best Girl Friends: Brittany Isobe & Lauren Buchanan



Best Guy Friends: Caleb Davis, Nick Wright, Matt Laredo, Sam Bennett



Best G-chat Statuses: Mary Doyle



Most Swag: Eric Bean & Jen Ringoen



Most Likely to Speak at the Ath: Jason Soll



Class Clown: Aravind Swaminathan



Best Couple: Melia Plotkin & Jeff McNerney


Wish I Knew Better: Hannah Lauber



Most Likely to Force Their Children to Go to CMC: Mark Munro



Most Likely to Star in an MTV Reality TV Show: Sae Bin Park


Most Nominated: Alex Wheatley

After the dinner, the Senior Class went across Foothill Blvd. to local piano bar Piano Piano, where the above mentioned winners enjoyed free drink coupons. But what were some category suggestions that didn't make the cut? Here are some "more inspired recommendations coming from the broader Senior Class," as Class of 2012 President Mary Doyle puts it:

  • Best Psuedo-Couple/Cutest Couple that Never Was
  • To-Be MILF
  • Most Likely to Become Homeless
  • Most Likely to Drown in a Protein Shake
  • Most Likely to Have a High-Profile Affair with a Politician
  • Most Likely to Save Africa, One Child at a Time
  • Most Likely to Freak Out if He/She Doesn't Get a Superlative
  • Best #hashtage
  • Best Vocabulary

Featured image credit goes to John Faranda.