Village Store Review: Glitter

There’s something new in the Village: a boutique full of fabulous clothing, charming accessories, and stellar prices.  You probably haven’t even noticed.  Since it's located inconveniently in the invisible upstairs of a building on West Bonita Avenue, you wouldn’t find this store unless you really wanted to.  But trust me, you want to.  Walk up the rickety iron stairs above “The Grove Vintage,” next to Harvard Square Café, and look for the little one-room shop at the end of the hallway. “Glitter” has been open for five weeks now, and the owners say that the biggest challenge is still just getting the word out.  Because of their location, not as many people are able to just stumble casually across their trendy, Athropology-esque clothing.  Glitter was a dream come true for these two women, who have been friends for years.  Originally, one owned a mobile boutique, and the other was a jewelry designer and fashion blogger.  This store is their “blog come to life,” and they have combined their talents to create a unique, fun, and fashionable boutique.  Not only do they sell clothing and the jewelry that one of the owners designs, but they also carry cute notebooks, hats, shoes, purses, and novelties like a designer cosy for your Starbucks cup, a cute cover for your camera strap… and other little gems perfect for gift ideas.  And all of these come at the most reasonable prices I’ve seen almost anywhere, usually between $10 and $30.

The quality and prices are both comparable to Nectar, but the style is even trendier, and the little accessories and quaint atmosphere make it well worth a visit even if you’ve already done some shopping at the larger store at the bottom of the Village.  Plus, the $10 rack outside the main door is a huge draw; I, not being able to resist a bargain, had to leave with a cute shirt from it.

Although it feels like you have to hunt for it, Glitter is well worth the quest.  The owners are friendly and helpful without being overbearing salespeople, the clothing is trendy, yet classic, and the prices are prime.  Next time you’re in the Village, take a few minutes to go upstairs and explore.