What's Special About April 22?

April 22 is a date marked on the calendars of many Earth lovers across the globe. What is so special about this date? Well, if you guessed something relating to the 2012 apocalypse conspiracies, you were wrong. April 22 is Earth Day, an annual day to commemorate the plant and environmental movements.

Earth Day got its start thanks in part to a United States Senator from Wisconsin by the name of Gaylord Nelson in 1970. He was fond of the emerging environmental movement and wished to solidify the relationship between the US government and environmentally concerned Americans. Senator Nelson’s vision for the day was quite humble, consisting mostly of environmentally focused teach-ins to be hosted at university and college campuses cross the country. Today, the yearly celebration has grown to encompass grassroots events in every corner of the globe and is recognized by the United Nations.

The City of Claremont is no exception, and this corner of the globe tends to do Earth Day right. There is often chatter amongst frequent attendees of Claremont Earth Day events as to which community organized event ranks supreme in its ability to best honor the greatness of the Earth. Sometimes the conversation becomes heated, but, year after year, Sustainable Claremont wins the title. Claremont’s Earth Day festivities will take place this Saturday from 10am to 3pm along 2nd street between Oberlin and Yale Ave. The event will include live local bands, workshops, speakers, green products, and more. Please walk or ride your bike to the event.

But Sustainable Claremont is not the only sheriff in town hosting an Earth Day bash. The Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR), CMC’s environmental advocacy club, will be hosting its own event this Sunday. SPEAR is looking to work with CMC students to find ways to paint our campus a metaphoric green. They will be giving away green products. Yes, you read correctly—they are giving away eco-goods for free! But alas, there is one catch to the deal: In exchange for your eco-swag, SPEAR would like you to give an environmentally focused pledge. You may be asking, "Now, what does an environmentally focused pledge look like?" Well, here are some examples provided by members of SPEAR:

“I pledge to eat more local foods by shopping at the farmers' market and, when eating at the dining halls, to fill my plate and belly from the farm to fork option.” –Ben Feldman '14 “I pledge to stop using disposable plastic water bottles and instead use my canteen.” –Sridhar Poddar '15 “I pledge to use my cover pages from the lab printers as scratch paper instead of letting it go to waste.” –Daphnie Lappas-Grigorki '14

Now it's your turn: “I Pledge to ____________________.” - Your Name Here

So, no matter where this weekend takes you, whether it be an Earth Day celebration, Coachella, or making those last-minute corrections to your thesis, make sure to take a moment to be grateful for that blue-green ball floating through the skies.