A Sunny Summer Playlist

With the emergence of the sun on campus this week, the summer countdown is most definitely in effect. I thought it would be nice to share some songs that I will be listening to a lot this summer. Some are old ones that I've been listening to since middle school summers and others are new tracks that just have that summer feel to them. These are songs to bump while your relaxing by the pool, walking to your favorite taco joint or just anticipating the summer. Hip-hop tends to dominate my summer soundtrack, and that is definitely reflected in this playlist. If you're not a huge hip-hop fan, there is some reggae, soul, and alternative mixed in there. Anyways, give all the songs a listen and keep an open mind! Enjoy the sun and make sure to get your SPF on. 




Highlights of the List:

01 Airborne Aquarium by Curren$y

New Orleans native Curren$y is one of the smoothest rappers you will ever come across. Easily one of my favorite hip-hop tracks out right now, Airborne Aquarium demonstrates his impeccable, effortless delivery that just floats over tracks. This is one to bump first thing in the morning when the sunlight shines through your blinds or just while relaxing on a balcony engaging in summer activities. Curren$y will be in Pomona on May 1st if you want to see him perform!

03 Grown Up by Danny Brown

Danny Brown is one strange rapper, but it is hard to deny his talent as an emerging artist. This is just a feel good track that I know for a fact will be getting lots of rotations as long as the weather keeps up.





11 Since '84 by Mac Dre

If you grew up on the Bay Area, you know it is pretty much impossible to have not heard a Mac Dre song. The late legend has been crowned as one of the founding fathers of the hyphy movement that took the country by storm a few years back. This track embodies the Mac's style and is perfect for the summertime.


12 You Only Live Once by The Strokes

The Strokes will always be one of my favorite bands to listen to in general. This track specifically reminds me of driving to the beach. The melody on its own can bring you to a brighter place. Although Drake's The Motto has essentially ruined the phrase YOLO, this song can reincarnate it upon pressing play.


17 Drift Away by Pretty Lights

The Denver-based producer Pretty Lights has shown a lot of versatility as an artist. His music would fit generally under the genre of electronic, but he distinguishes himself using soul samples similar to those often common in hip-hop. Drift Away is a song for the end of a long summer night.





Less than a month to go...