8:27 Procrastination: Utilities

So I dropped the ball on y'all for keeping the 8:27 procrastination consistent; last week I was swamped with academics and this past weekend I was living the dream at Coachella. This one's a little late, but I know there are plenty of seniors still on their thesis grind.  Smart Move of the Week:


Readability is a project started to make the internet more legible and easier on the eyes. Their apps extract the text from articles online, such as this one from the Los Angeles Times, and convert it into a much less cluttered and easier to read page: the same article with Readability. I recommend the Browser Add-ons that they make for the most popular browsers that do this in less than three seconds for any article. The add-ons are especially good at clearing away unwanted information from the article and still retaining the relevant pictures, graphs and embedded links in the article, even if the article is split into separate pages. Install it in your personal browser and take it for a spin through your favorite news source, then consider it your smart move of the week.

Music Discovery of the week:

The Last.fm Related Artists feature

A lot of music lovers already know about Last.fm.  It is a community built around music, where users can "scrobble" and discover new artists based on their listening preferences. However, not many common folk know you can use Last.fm as an easy way to start a search for bands that sound similar to their current obsession. Here's what the Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons related artists pages look like. Even the most obscure bands have a Last.fm page that algorithmically and organically places the band in a context of other bands and genres based on how fans tag their music. All you have to do is search for a band's Last.fm profile.  From there, you use the Related Artists tab on the left side of the page to discover bands that have been ranked as sounding similar according to users.

YouTube Entertainment of the Week:

Viral Video Film School

Viral Video Film School is an incredibly entertaining video blog that sarcastically analyzes trends or niches of videos on YouTube and edits the best parts of them together. It isn't running any longer, but there are old episodes to keep you entertained for hours. I've left you with the link to the best of their videos from 2010, I'm sure you can find your way from there.