SLC and Forum Golden Egg Hunt: FINAL CLUE

In celebration of Easter, for the first time ever, the Student Life Council is throwing an Easter Egg Extravaganza in collaboration with The Forum. There are three golden eggs hidden around campus, each worth $50. For the next three days, there will be a clue coming out on The Forum for one of the golden eggs. This clue indicates a general location on campus. Once you think you know what this location is, please e-mail me at with your guess. If you are correct, you will be sent the next clue. While you look for the golden eggs, you can enjoy the colorful eggs filled with candy that are hidden around campus. This is the clue for the thirdĀ Golden Egg worth $50:

Hurry before someone else finds it!

*Note: You will be only allowed one guess every half hour, so think your guesses through.

Happy Easter everyone!