Dorm Style ID: Beckett's Little Secrets

Sometimes we forget about Beckett Hall. You know, it’s that dorm across from Phillips that never seems to be a destination for anyone other than its residents. A few weeks ago I happened to walk through its mysterious hallways and I came across something pleasantly surprising; personality and style via dorm decor. You may wonder why what one’s room looks like really matters all that much. I ask, why wouldn’t it matter to each of you as individuals? Your dorm room is your space. It is a space where you spend a good amount of your time. It makes sense that it should be a space that allows you to be relaxed and in your own element while also reflecting your personality, style, and what you value as important. From what I’ve found, you can learn a lot about an individual simply by examining their room.

With that said, lets see what caught my eye a few weeks ago as I walked through Beckett (we’re all curious, are we not?):

Marco and Scott: 

Entering into sophomore roommates Marco Scola and Scott Witte’s room you feel as though you’re entering a sports haven filled with vibrant color, casual comfort, with some fun and sentimental details. One scan of the room was introduction enough; I felt as if I already knew them a little better than before I walked in.

Sports Illustrated covers surround the ceiling; banners, hats, flags, and other memorabilia pay homage to their favorite teams and places - namely California’s bay area and their high school football team. To throw off the athletic vibe a bit they hung what seems like an endless parade of hand-cut paper snowflakes from the ceiling, have a mini Christmas tree, and to add some sentimental value Scott displays photos of family and friends. The multiple and layered dimensions of the room fit these long-time friends nicely and display a side that those who may not know them as well would not get to see otherwise.



Now right next door to Witte and Scola, Junior and new RA Kelsey Brown lives in a slightly different world; one that incorporates fabulous feminine features.

Her room bursts with color and a chic sensibility that expresses her personality and style.The attention to detail is the most impressive part of her space. She adds pops of color with DIY (do it yourself) streamers and hearts, strands of colorful ornaments, and decorates with her own accessories including heels and strands of necklaces.

She welcomes you into her life experiences with several framed pictures and some of her own photography from her time abroad in Italy. She tops it off with soft lighting and floral accents.

Everything comes together nicely to create a warm, vibrant, and put together feel that compliment this lovely lady perfectly.


Honorable mention: DIY Detail Sometimes adding a few dynamic details to an otherwise classic or simple room makes all the difference and can equally express personal charm.

Sanskriti Ayyar, a junior who lives in Benson, captures this notion perfectly with her epic collage.



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