8:27 Procrastination: No Interruption

I don't have any great current events to bring to you this week but never fear, these links will burn up plenty of your time. Prepare to drool, get protected, get intellectual, groove, and read short, snarky anonymous pop culture-relevant letters. I haven't heard much feedback from my peers yet about what they want more of out of the new 8:27, so for now I'll stick to the variety shotgun. I have more Apple-related products that I want to feature than Android or PC things, so if that's not your cup of tea, let me know in the comments; I'm always open to suggestions.

Drool Inducer of the Week:


I'm sure many of you by now have been shown, or have found those hyper-materialistic "take all of my money" websites that showcase ridiculously cool and unnecessary furniture, vehicles, gear, clothing, stuff, etc. I personally have a bookmarks folder devoted to them. By far the best one I've found has to be Uncrate, the Digital Magazine for Guys Who Love Stuff. I'm not sure how many guys I know that don't love stuff, but they must know enough to necessitate specifying which type of guys their digi-mag is for. According to their abstract, they have found and posted upwards of 9100 cool products since 2005 and the products are phenomonal. Their website is slick, easy to navigate, and they even have a free iPhone app, so you can keep up on their promised 5 updates per day on the go, such as while waiting outside your professor's office.

Intellectualism of the Week:

Radiolab Podcast

This next link was shown to me this semester by a former roommate of mine. For those of you that like love watch way too many TED talks, here is a new source of non-academic intellectual stimulation. Radiolab is a podcast series from New York Public radio that explores subjects of civilization, culture, morality, justice, history, and tons of other fascinating ideas. Each episode meditates on one subject and lasts for about an hour, which is good for listening to at the gym or during your long commute to avoid radio advertisements. I personally treat them as TED talks designed for treadmill sessions. They are plainspoken for the most part, well edited and produced, and each episode leaves you feeling more informed about the world around you.  Most of them even leave you with something to think about for a while, which is really nice to have when you're in an intellectual mood.

Smart Move of the Week:

Case Mate iPhone 4 credit card holder case

Unlike last week's SM, this week's is geared towards all genders at the 5Cs, because using an iPhone is a non-gendered activity.  The product is an iPhone case that will hold your ID card or credit card snugly against the back of your iPhone. The only way this is not a good idea is if you go through iPhones faster than youtube videos go viral.  This is especially nice if your phone and ID card share similar spaces in your pockets, but not so much if you leave your iPhone in your room to charge at odd hours. I have owned this case in black for almost a year now and have found it incredibly useful and surprisingly durable during encounters with gravity. A case for your iPhone that prevents you from losing your 5C ID card. Smart.

Song of the Week:

"No Interruption" by Hoodie Allen

This one just hit my news feed last Friday, the day after it hit YouTube. If it hasn't hit your feeds by the time you're reading this, you're in for a fresh treat. If the beat doesn't stick in your head, the hook will. Watch it in 1080p cause the music video is pretty, if a little artsy and irrelevant to the song. If you dig his music, note that he'll be playing at the El Rey in LA on Wed. May 9 this Spring. Get groovin'.

Website of the Week:

Dear Blank, Please Blank 

As a short and sweet example of what you'll find in this link to send you on your time burning ways: Dear Forum Readers, Tell your GPA or thesis I'm sorry for interrupting. Sincerely, Drake the Enabler.

p.s. They also have a free iPhone app.