New Kids on the Block: ASCMC

Aditya Pai ‘13 President: Aditya Pai is a junior PPE major, born in Bombay, India and raised in Irvine, CA. After serving as Class President and ASCMC Vice-President, Pai hopes to leverage his knowledge and relationships to make a difference for students. He plans to do that by identifying areas for improvement at CMC (e.g. facilities, Food Services, entrepreneurship, the arts, etc.) and using ASCMC as a platform to address them in innovative ways. After CMC, he hopes to study abroad, attend law school, and then enter Silicon Valley or California politics. He loves playing basketball (poorly) and guitar (even more poorly) in his free time.



Miles Bird ‘13 Vice President: Miles T. Bird sumo wrestled in his youth, digs Mongolian horseback riding, and on occasion plays Slumdog Millionaire. Milesgrew up in Tokyo and misses it sometimes, but is greatly delighted with his Claremont experience. Miles loves going on adventures, and you should invite him on one. Miles hopes to bring creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset to ASCMC and the school as a whole, as well as support other members of the executive board in any capacity that he can. Shoot him an email if you want to get involved. Do it.



Kevin Sullivan ‘12 Chief Financial Officer: Kevin T. Sullivan hails from Beaverton, Oregon. He enjoys sports and has been involved in many organizations at CMC. As a former Resident Assistant, Kevin brings an alternative perspective and looks to bridge the gap between ASCMC and the Dean of Students Office. In the coming year, Kevin will write thousands of checks and hopes to perfect his signature with both the left and right hands. Please feel free to contact Kevin with any questions you have regarding your reimbursement checks or other things of this sort.



Steven Limandibhratha ‘14 Student Activities Chair: Steven is ethnically Chinese, nationally Indonesian, grew up in the Philippines, attended a British high school, and obviously is now studying in the United States. Basically, he is confused. His multi-cultural background means, while he has no problem talking to anyone, he’ll have some interesting diction and pronunciation. Some include but are not limited to: “pas-ta, moose-tache, and sal-mon.” When he’s not in the reading room, Steven is on the golf course playing for CMS or running in the Ducey gym. An econ-accounting major, he has a strong interest in finance, displayed by being a subscriber to the Financial Times and a member of the student investment fund.


Alexandra Cooke ‘14 Dormitory Activities Chair: Alexandra Cooke loves rollerblading through North Quad, eating tres leches, and G Chatting (you should add her). Alexandra occasionally tweets (@crazycoolac) and really wants to know who @CMCgirlproblems is because she thinks it is quite brilliant and 100% applicable to her own life. She recognizes that Alexandra is a long name and will answer to any nickname (usually AC, ACooke, or Cookie) BUT NOT Alex. Alexandra loves being a social chair on ASCMC. She was previously SLC and now will serve as DAC and wants to preserve the epic social culture at CMC... Long live TNC Jello Wrestling! She wants to hear from CMC students about what parties they want to happen, so shoot her an e-mail, or better yet--G Chat her.

Stephanie Haft ‘15 Executive Secretary: Stephanie Haft is a freshman from Atownyouveneverheardof, Ohio. Her skills from her role on a farm include being able to drive a John Deere tractor, shoot a deer, and milk a cow. Stephanie is a pre-med student majoring in Neuroscience, because she likes to make it nearly impossible to get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. All songs on her Top 25 Most Played are by Third Eye Blind or Blink 182. One of her favorite things about CMC is the availability of food. As ASCMC’s Executive Secretary, Stephanie hopes to keep up this tradition of keeping bellies full, as well as improve the transparency of the organization. If you’d like to pick her brain about how ASCMC works, or the rims and height of her truck, e-mail her at her unfortunately-named CMC account,


Mohammad Abdul-Rahim ‘15 Student Life Chair: Moe is the new Student Life Chair from the far away land of Jordan. You will often hear him complaining about how busy he is and how little time he has to do his work. Moments later, you’ll likely find him playing Tetris or succumbing to his other addiction, TV. Fun fact: Moe watches over twenty series (or was it thirty?). Moe has no idea what he wants to do with his life; all he knows is he wants to meet new people on a daily basis and make them happy. So basically, his life plans include being an RA (but seriously). At the moment, Moe is trying his best to create a new SLC tradition and to get more attendance at dry events. Maybe attendance will pick up on the “Puppy and Bouncy Castle Day” he is planning for the week before finals.



Mary Doyle ‘12 Class of 2012 President: Mary Doyle journeyed West four years ago from Boston. Like the Gold Rush pioneers before her, she is intrigued by this region's affinity for strip malls and fast food Chinese. Despite her previous career as a competitive tap dancer, Mary has experienced great difficulties in college with regard to successfully passing Physical Education. She loves CMC, the APTs, CMCAA, SOURCE, ASCMC, acronyms in general, and her class. Mary graduates this May and will miss you all vewy, vewy much.


Clare Riva ‘13 Class of 2013 President: Clare Riva, class of 2013 president, hails from the Old Line State and accordingly loves Old Bay, the eastern shore, and bad baseball teams (go Nats!).  She spent the past year forcing pizza down your dorm presidents’ throats as DAC, and looks forward to doing the same for the senior class next year!  If you have any ideas about events or anything, call her or e-mail her—she’s friendly.  She aspires to make sure 2013 has a fantastic year, and to be 5’1.




Maddie Hall ‘14 Class of 2014 President: Unlike 99% of everyone who claims to be a Seattleite, Maddie Hall is actually from Seattle, Washington not a suburb 20 minutes away or a nearby island. Since moving to Claremont, however, she has admittedly become a weather wimp. Her hobbies include online shopping, discussing the Federalist Papers, and jump-starting cars. When she’s not falling asleep in the reading room, she’s at the Scripps gym, working out as an excuse to keep up with the Kardashians.


Demetrius Lalanne ‘15 Class of 2015 President: Demetrius A. Lalanne hails from the great city of New York. He can often be found “busting-a-move” on various parts of campus including the Pendleton and Rains dance studios. Demetrius is a semi-closeted nerd and loves to read slash have “intellectual” conversations, please feel more than welcome to send me any articles that you think are awesome or just stop and chat with me (if I’m not running late for something…good luck). Demetrius is very open to suggestions and loves getting emails from members of his class with questions and concerns; he hopes to increase transparency and student input in the coming year.


Aseem Chipalkatti ‘15 Campus Organizations Chair: Aseem Chipalkatti is an Economics-Accounting and Middle East Studies major from Seattle, WA. Aseem is completely addicted to coffee, and when he's not intrepidly redistricting multiple states simultaneously at the Rose Institute, he can often be found in his room hooked up to an IV drip of Jamaica Blue Mountain blend. Aseem hopes to bring clubs at CMC into the 21st century with more web presence and community involvement here at CMC. He's a total insomniac, so feel free to call, Facebook message, or email him at any time with any questions or concerns.


David Hirsch ‘13 Financial Advisor to the President: Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, David is currently working as a Bill Gates Investment Fellow at the Financial Economics Institute. On campus, David has worked for the Kravis Leadership Institute as a consultant to not-for-profits and is currently Chief Executive Officer of the CMC Student Investment Fund. All of his summers and the rest of his life will be spent in Chi-town. After his freshman year, David spent the summer interning for the President and CEO of The Habitat Company, a multi-billion dollar residential real estate management and development company. This past summer David worked in equity research for Morningstar and this coming summer David will work in investment banking for J.P. Morgan. David is also a strong advocate of black cats, continuously blasts Virgin Island jam-rock, and can often be seen running around campus with only short-shorts and a CamelBak.


Evan Otis ‘13 Presidential Advisor: Evan Otis is a junior majoring in Economics and Film Studies. He was raised in Connecticut, the birthplace of lymes disease, and hates long walks on the beach. When Evan is not elevating small talk to medium talk you can probably find him watching Hey Arnold. Evan prides himself on being the happiest kid at the happiest school in the entire nation. He is looking forward to working with the SAC and DAC on raising the bar for the CMC social scene. Evan is looking for input from all students so don’t be shy.



Miles Lifson ‘13 Senate President Pro-Tempore: Miles Lifson is a junior Physics/Government major from the suburbs of Washington, D.C.  He enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, and cooking when he can borrow a kitchen.  He's here to answer any of your questions about the ASCMC Constitution or Operating Procedures.



Priscilla Hsu ‘13 Residential Assistant Liaison: Priscilla Hsu is a junior majoring in International Relations who responds to "Pris", "Pree", "P-cilla", "Priskizzle", "Priskrillex", and "P-dawg". In addition to her extensive list of award-winning achievements, Priscilla changed the streets of Los Angeles at the age of 16 when she passed the California driving exam. When she's not napping in fetal position under friends' beds, she enjoys recording music videos, battling smoking dragons in the Claremont castle (or at least telling them to go outside and downstairs), and joining organizations for the sole purpose of writing multiple versions of her biography in 200 words or less.



Alex De Avila ‘13 Student Security Director: Alex de Avila (or however you say his last name) is a third year junior currently working towards his degree in International Relations with an emphasis in watching Netflix. He keeps a file on everyone that goes to CMC, and insists it is “for their own safety”. Alex throws caution to the wind, and laughs in the face of danger, townies, and sage hens. You can find this new Student Security Director every day at the Hub eating buffalo wraps, or at 3am happily cleaning up a TNC. He enjoys jumping off really high things, endurance sports, and staying hydrated!