8:27 Procrastination: Be My Friend

Because "I use my Facebook like Twitter,"  I have been asked to revive the on-and-off again tradition of 8:27 Procrastination. For those of you new to this tradition, I am expected to bring you an article chalk full of links, apps, articles, games, TED Talks and other distracting, time consuming, and maybe even useful digital things every Monday evening at 8:27PM. Hopefully I'll help you avoid your work.

Without further ado, here are my procrastination selections for the week:

Political/Social Network Move of the Month:

"Be My Friend For Peace"

First up is a music video which is probably the smartest thing that's been done this month in the world of politics.  At the beginning of the month, President Shimon Peres of Israel launched a Facebook page and accompanied it with an Electro/House music video titled "Be My Friend For Peace" in which he states, "We used to be the people of the book. Now we became the people of the Facebook." The result is thoroughly entertaining. More on the story here.

Another notable and entertaining, yet far less thought-out political move can be found in this article.

Choice App of the week:

Find My Friends (iPhone/iPad)

If you have those one or two special friends that you like to keep track of by constantly texting them, this app is for you. Apple has a free app for iPhones/iPads called Find My Friends that lets you track other people based on where they are.

This makes it much easier to spend time with them than having to text "Are you in your room?" and waiting the excruciating minutes before they text you back a yes or no so you can go see how their day went. After having them approve your friend request, you can use this app to somewhat accurately track where they are on a Google map of their location and then surprise them, like bringing them snack while they're procrastinating in Poppa.

Smart Move of the week:

Dollar Shave Club

Here's a great idea: For a dollar a month, have a high quality razor sent right to your mail box. Smart move? Smart move. If nothing else, click the link and watch their entertaining introduction video. Allegedly, their blades are ****ing great.

Choice Song of the week:

"Trance Sisters" by Memory Tapes

For those of you into bands such as Washed Out, Phantogram, and Neon Indian, the Memory Tapes' new album Player Piano, is for you. My personal favorite from said album  is the building eleventh track. Their use of a choir adds a sense of melodrama and urgency to the song the same way the sample from "Sunrise" by Childish Gambino does to his track. Though this song doesn't have a beat like the former, it does have a complex rhythm and some great electronic and distorted instrumentation. Give it a listen.