Fresh Out the Oven: Meet Your New Batch of RAs

Cody Mivshek (Appleby) Cody Mivshek, or more properly, Dakota, does not enjoy Dakota Fanning jokes or the North or South, as he has heard them way too many times. (Hence the nickname.) When he is not out and about talking about his beautiful hometown of Fort Collins, CO, or how he transferred from X,Y and Z, or how much he loves dogs or how he loves the mountains or how he has a little emo in him, you can find him playing for the CMS basketball team. In the world of academia, he studies Economics-Accounting because he thinks it will get him closer to his dreams of playing team handball for team USA. He is the geezer of the new RA’s, fulfilling the role of the super-senior, and he is proud of it.


Carmen Lundell (Boswell) If you couldn't guess by her use of the phrase "uff da" or pronunciation of the word "bagel," Carmen was born and raised in Wayzata, Minnesota. Because she can't get enough of the Ducey weight room, Carmen fills her athletic appetite by diving for the CMS Swim and Dive team and teaching aerobics for the Claremont Colleges (P.E. 007 if you're interested in enrolling).  Carmen studies Government with a Leadership Sequence in hopes of becoming the next Sophia Grace. When you see Carmen at a party, don't be alarmed that you missed the "theme party" memo. Carmen just likes to showcase her extensive costume collection.

 Lannie Rosenfield (Green) As a native Chicago resident, Betty aka "Lannie" Rosenfield is an avid Bulls fan with both season tickets and a mild to moderate understanding of who is on the team. Contrary to popular belief, Ms. Rosenfield's tan is not a result of her Indian heritage, but instead due to her dedication to the Wohlford bench. Hey! Let's play two truths and a lie: Lannie has failed: a) jogging PE, b) spinning PE or C) inline skating PE. TRICK QUESTION! She's failed all three. Despite all these failures, she's remains optimistic that Taylor Swift will one day write a song about a love-affair they will inevitably have.

Connor O' Boyle (Wohlford) I am from Seattle, Washington and I actually do like the rain. I fly fish like its my job; the waders are my favorite part, as I look like a 90 year old man. I'm a Biology/Pre-med major and on the football team. I am an avid outdoorsman, climbing trees and making fires all over the pacific northwest. If you catch me wearing flannel don't worry, I'm not the brawny man.


Kelsey Brown (Beckett) Kelsey, also known as "KBrown" or "KBro," comes from the capital of America's Dairy State. Contrary to stereotypes about Wisconsin, she's not nice. She is notoriously bad with numbers but can write a sentence more eloquently than any other RA. Thus, she is a lit major. Kelsey can be further characterized by her constant fidgeting, her love for writing and her obsession with pesto pasta. Although she is only two months older than some of her WOA babies, most of them still call her "Mama Kels." She hopes her residents in Beckett will love her even half as much.


Katie Lorish (Berger) Katie Lorish is an Econ-Accounting and Government major from Portland, Oregon. Aside from long walks on the beach and colorful sunsets, she enjoys grubbing on pizookies, collecting cats for her dorm room collection, showing Connor O'Boyle how to build v-type and turboprop aircraft engines (he is such a rook), and posting inappropriate Craigslist ads. As a haiku-writing prodigy since age 2, she kindly provided one of her most heart-felt pieces with the Forum readers: Berger is the most glamorous dorm on campus, Boom boom pow Berger.

Ari Davis (Claremont) Ari is an International Relations major addicted to traveling and will often be found pacing back and forth in Claremont Hall planning future trips. Ari spent the summer walking across Spain and a semester studying abroad in Jordan. He is from Boulder, Colorado, one of the best places on earth, and could probably tell you all about staring at the sky, doing outdoorsy things and why the Pitzer kids are actually cool. Ari spend lots of his time working out for track but if he’s not working out, he's probably on some crazy adventure, lost on Mt. Baldy, wearing plaid, or skiing. He also let Priscilla, his fellow C-hall RA, write his bio for him.

Priscilla Hsu (Claremont) Priscilla is a junior majoring in International Relations and an Asian American Studies Sequence. She returns to CMC this spring after spending a year off-campus, including a semester in D.C. and 8 months in Asia, mostly wandering around but also looking for lost relatives. She hails from East Los Angeles but spent her teeny bopper years at various malls all over the city, so feel free to ask for suggestions about the Greater Los Angeles area. When she's not busy coordinating outfits with Ari, she enjoys lounging in her mega-bed, pretending she can play the ukelele, and luring residents into her room with candy.

Kelsey Gross (Phillips) Kelsey hails from the small town of Medford, Oregon, though she proudly reps her true state, the glorious State of Jefferson.  When not scrambling up mountains, star gazing, or flying to the moon, she can be found squawking along to country music in Poppa Lab or prancing around campus with the Ballroom Dance team.  She regularly utilizes her economics major to evaluate the utility of yet another Yogurtland visit (note: it’s always very high).


Hannah Whittemore (Auen) Hannah Whittemore ghost rides it to Claremont every semester from the beautiful, quaint town of Mill Valley (#90 billboard hit in 1970) in the northern Bay Area. Her favorite activities include testing hot sauces, scrambling eggs, and drinking oolong tea. She may or may not be easily seduced by food. Though settling on a Government major, you may find her doing research in a chemistry lab at Keck Science where Erlenmeyer flasks and TLC plates give her a sense of peace in this frenzied world.  She is well-renowned in the snowboard community for having recently received the award for "most graceful fall coming off a chair lift" at Mt. Baldy ski resort. Her life philosophy is to "keep it sexy." Obviously.


Harmony Palmer (Benson) Harmony Palmer (gangster name Harm-$$) hails from Oceanside, CA. She recently downgraded to a bike after spending her first two years riding around campus on a scooter in Crocs. When she isn't causing a scene with her Forrest Gump impersonations, you can find Harmony huffing and puffing on the softball field or with her boyfriends Honnold and Poppa studying accounting. She is proud to say she is one of the few warriors who has lived in Benson 3 out of her 4 college years.

Ethan Gilbert (Fawcett) Ethan Gilbert is a Claremont legend.  He began his time at CMC right - by chugging syrup on his freshman WOA trip.  An International Relations major, Ethan comes to Claremont from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a firm advocate of socks with 'stocks (Burkenstock sandels and bright colored socks) and plays lacrosse with for the Cougs. UGHUGHUGH.

Will Knowles (Marks) William Edward Knowles II is a Los Angeles native hailing from the wonderfully average town of Chatsworth.  When he was not busy acting during his youth (you may know him as a child star), he played baseball and spent quality time with his imaginary friends since he did not have any real ones (he was homeschooled).  Now that he is in beautiful Claremont, he studies Economics and is getting a Masters in Finance.  Most of his free time is spent on the baseball field, in the weight room, or courageously trying – but usually failing – to fix the printers in Poppa Lab as an LTA.  He is also a huge Dodger fan and is anxiously awaiting MLB's decision on his bid to purchase the bankrupt franchise.

Olivia Graham (Stark) Olivia Graham calls Mercer Island, WA home, and she relishes the opportunity to jump in rare SoCal rain puddles. Even though she loves the 350 days of sunshine, she gets horrendous cap and goggle tan lines from her many hours spent at the pool. When she isn't practicing with the CMS swim and water polo teams, Olivia can be found feeding the birds, rodents, albino soft-shell turtle, and other animals at JSD, since she is a biology (with a leadership sequence) major, after all. Olivia also enjoys eating/making/thinking about food, especially Coopcakes (cupcakes from the Coop), and jamming out to Akon.

Elise Yoshida (Stark) Elise comes from Rolling Hills, CA, one of the few places where you can reasonably fear a swarm of peacocks attacking you. To escape said peacocks, she fled to CMC where she could continue to bask in her beloved SoCal sun. After over-analyzing many situations during her time at CMC, she realized that the logical solution to end her career as an Undecided major was to major in Psychology. Elise generally spends her time running way too much for way too long or maintaining a near-constant stream of TV and movies. If you want the route to her heart, she has never been known to deny something tasty or something delicious. Both items tasty and delicious will win you brownie points. (Brownies are encouraged.)

Skyler Grossman (Apartments) Skyler Grossman is a Northwest native from Lake Oswego, Oregon. A career procrastinator, he is just now discovering how much he enjoys the study of economics and hopes this will add an element of practicality to his government major (aside: he loves studying government, especially after it took him to DC these past six months). He enjoys working at his camp in the Rocky Mountains, listening to country music, and very, very short walks on the beach. He also tries to keep up with his ex-chef parents, and is convinced he will one day host Iron Chef.

Brooke Nayden (Apartments) Brooke A. Nayden hails from the great state of Idaho.  When not admiring the state bird and flower, she is recitingall 44 counties in reverse alphabetical order.  Here at CMC she can be found eating couscous while watching endless YouTube videos of baby hedgehogs and teacup pomeranians.  B-Nasty doesn't always go to school, but when she does it's as a History and Lit dual major.  (She's been called a bit bookish).


India Wade (Apartments) India Wade is from Bainbridge Island, Washington. Her parents are wonderful. Their names are Yuko and John. She has three half brothers and two half sisters, all from John's side. True playa for real. She has a cat name Simba with whom she has a volatile relationship. She loves Shakira more than most people she actually knows. Please refer all further questions about India to her sidekick/confidant/roommate Brooke Alexandra Nayden.